Currently Watching


Eulachacha Waikiki (PENDING)
This is dumb and utterly hilarious. Loving the sitcom-y vibe and looking forward to seeing this crazy bunch of characters growing into an equally crazy family.

I'm Not a Robot (COMPLETED)
Yoo Seung Ho adds weight to what is otherwise a very cute little love story. I don't quite know what to expect from the second act, but so far I'm liking it's pleasant charm.

Just Between Lovers (COMPLETED)
I've been in the mood for melo and this could just be my thing right now. Centered around themes of loss, grief and trauma, but not in an overly dramatic way.  

Fight My Way (ON HOLD)
Really liked the first two episodes. If things don't go downhill from here, I'm willing to sail with this ship to the end of the world and back. Please, don't disappoint me, show.

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