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My ID is Gangnam Beauty (PENDING)
I'm hoping this will be lovely coming-of-age story with some relevant social commentary and a bit of youthful romance.

Familiar Wife (PENDING)
Starts out very Go Back Couple, but thankfully takes a slightly different and perhaps a more complicated direction with time travel. Liking Ji Sung and Han Ji Min a lot, so I hope their characters can find their way back to each other soon.

Thirty But Seventeen (PENDING)
This actually delightful. The characters are a hilariously odd bunch and I enjoy the overall humor. Also, Shin Hye Sun makes for a very believable 17-year-old.

Life on Mars
I like this. Would prefer less of procedural stuff and more of the main mystery, but the cast is great and directing solid, so it is still engaging enough for even my picky ass tastes.

Are You Human, Too?
Nam Shin-III is crazy adorable. I am preparing myself for the vast amount sadness his little robot heart will have to endure because of all the terrible humans.

Why Secretary Kim 
This is my most anticipated drama of the season, so I kinda really need it to be good. First two episodes were promising enough to make me optimistic, but we shall see.

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