Drama Check-In 02/07/2018

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Drama Check-In is a recurring post that helps to keep track of dramas I'm currently watching and allows me to share immediate thoughts on them as I go through the episodes. The intention is to write down my prevalent impressions and encourage readers to do the same in the comments. Discussion is welcome.

I'm Not a Robot (32/32)
After all that angst in the previous weeks, I'm glad the show managed to get right back into its cute romcom-y vibe in the final episodes and end on a sweetly satisfying note. The show was by no means groundbreaking, but I found it to be a likable companion over these past few months.

For me, the drama stood out with its surprisingly strong emotional core that made it easy to look past its biggest flaws—weak villains and improbable situations—and instead appreciate its strengths. Like I've said many times before, the angst in the middle didn't bother me at all and rather added to my enjoyment. With a boring company plot and irrelevant baddies, the main conflict always needed to be something else and the robot deception proved to be the perfect emotional conundrum for our lovers to deal with. But of course, in the capable hands of Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin, every bit of heartache and happiness was heightened and made more poignant. I think my enjoyment of the drama was largely rooted in the fact that our leads were so well chosen for their roles and that they never made me doubt in their onscreen romance.

I also feel satisfied with how the drama wrapped up, even though the actual ending with the mandatory time-jump and quick character montage was admittedly rushed. For the most part, I think things worked out in a way that made sense or at least made me content, with Min Kyu finally making up with Yoo Chul in an adorably awkward way and Aji 3 getting her own little adventure to prove she was no ordinary android. Of course Ji Ah and Min Kyu got their happy ending and each of the side-characters got their humble version of it as well. The only mystery that remained was Madam X, whose identity was never revealed. It looked like the show hinted that it might have been the enigmatic Butler Sung, which is fine because not all mysteries need to be made obvious, but I kinda expected the secret benefactor to become an important plot point, which sadly never happened. 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the series quite a bit. It made me feel warm and happy, which is enough to make me forgive its shortcomings. It was also a good introduction into the robot-themed dramas which there are quite a few coming out soon. And if you're curious about my overall rating, check out the Ratings page.

Just Between Lovers (16/16)
So, it turns out that sometimes you just need to have a little faith in the drama you're watching. I know, for some of us that sounds positively crazy. We all know that being too optimistic about a show usually sets you up for a big disappointment later on. However, as rare as they are, sometimes miracles do happen.

And indeed, a miracle did happen. After all that ominous foreshadowing, all those scary nosebleeds, all those painful goodbyes, Kang Doo not only survived but got the ending he deserved beside the one he loved. Even though I've said in the past that happy conclusions aren't necessarily my preferred types of endings for melodramas especially, I think this time around it was actually quite fitting, considering all the pain and tragedy that the characters had unfairly gone through already.

In fact, it was well-deserved happiness for our leads Moon Soo and Kang Doo who had healed slowly through unyielding devotion and support for one another, while also impacting the lives of the people around them. It would have felt horribly unjust if Kang Doo died just as he had found his will to live and take care of himself. So I'm more than glad that instead the drama ended on a hopeful note, giving our couple the happiness they'd earned, without tying everything up too neatly. Overall, I'd say the conclusion was very well-balanced, much like the show itself had been in its entire run.

I still have a lot of general thoughts about the drama which I hope to save for a future review, but we shall see. In any case, I'm very grateful for this ending after I'd nearly given up hope. I definitely made the right choice to watch this show and not give up half-way, despite all the worry that it made me go through in the second half (mostly due to my own trust issues with melodramas). I'm not sure if this drama is the right fit for all viewers, but it definitely was for me and I don't regret even a second of it.

If you're interested in more, my short verdict is up on the Ratings page but do keep an eye out for a full review.

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