Stylish Tarantino-esque Posters and Individual Teasers for Red Velvet's 'Bad Boy'

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The edgy teasers for Red Velvet's upcoming repackage album "The Perfect Red Velvet" and comeback with title track "Bad Boy" have been creating buzz around the K-pop community over the last few days. I can see why as the released promotional images and teasers are quite fascinating in their style.

It seems Red Velvet is continuing the creepy thematic of it's November release "Peek-A-Boo", which I'm quite happy about. I love the vintage movie poster style album teasers especially and the girls look great in the released video clips. The concept is certainly quite Tarantino-inspired so far and I wonder how all these retro elements come together in the music video. 

According to official sources, both the video and repackage album will be released on January 29.

Via SoompiSMTOWN Official Youtube Channel

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