Currently Watching


Just Between Lovers (PENDING)
I've been in the mood for melo and this could just be my thing right now. Centered around themes of loss, grief and trauma, but not in an overly dramatic way. 

Age of Youth 2 (COMPLETED)
Although I initially planned to ignore the second season entirely, it ultimately felt wrong to not give it a chance at all. Changing my mind was definitely the best drama-related decision I've done all year. 

Save Me
This stuff is dark. I dig it. 

Fight My Way
Really liked the first two episodes. If things don't go downhill from here, I'm willing to sail with this ship to the end of the world and back. Please, don't disappoint me, show.

Because This Life is Our First (ON HOLD)
Why do I relate to this so much?
Solomon's Perjury (ON HOLD)
Reminiscent of White Christmas, but it's actually its own thing.

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