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School 2017
Surprisingly endearing after you give it a chance. I've grown rather attached to the lead trio. I'm also glad it's not really a love triangle and we get to see the lead characters bonding as friends more than anything else. That said, Tae Woon's crush is extremely entertaining.

Fight My Way
Really liked the first two episodes. If things don't go downhill from here, I'm willing to sail with this ship to the end of the world and back. Please, don't disappoint me, show.

Father is Strange
As always, only fast-forwarding to the good bits. Don't really see the same magic in it as majority of the viewers, but it's likable enough. Lee Joon and Jung So Min are cute.

Chicago Typewriter
Wasn't going to watch this at all, yet it won me over with the cool aesthetics and mystery. I especially love the 1930s parts which, though short, are well-executed. It's also nice to see Im Soo Jung back in dramaland. 
Solomon's Perjury
Reminiscent of White Christmas, but it's actually its own thing.

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