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Top Star Yoo Baek
Admittedly, it didn't make the strongest first impression, but I find it's rather nice to watch romance unfold on a small island away from all modern day distractions. Kim Ji Suk's Yoo Baek is very easy on the eyes and already SO smitten with our plucky heroine. Besides it's only 10 episodes!

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
I'm very intrigued. I don't have any knowledge about the Japanese original, but I find this to be a interesting mix of crime, mystery and romance that keeps you guessing. I'm sure I'll regret watching once tragedy hits, but for now I'm in.

Life on Mars (COMPLETED)
I like this. Would prefer less of procedural stuff and more of the main mystery, but the cast is great and directing solid, so it is still engaging enough for even my picky ass tastes.

Are You Human, Too?
Nam Shin-III is crazy adorable. I am preparing myself for the vast amount sadness his little robot heart will have to endure because of all the terrible humans.

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