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Fight My Way
Really liked the first two episodes. If things don't go downhill from here, I'm willing to sail with this ship to the end of the world and back. Please, don't disappoint me, show.

Suspicious Partner
After feeling pleasantly surprised in the first week, my opinion has somewhat changed with more recent episodes. I still find it entertaining and enjoy Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook together, but romance feels kinda rushed.

Ruler of the Mask (PENDING)
Hasn't yet wowed me, but Yoo Seung Ho is magnetic and Kim So Hyun lovely. Interested to see where the story leads us to, granted I find time to watch.

Chicago Typewriter
Wasn't going to watch this at all, yet it won me over with the cool aesthetics and mystery. I especially love the 1930s parts which, though short, are well-executed. It's also nice to see Im Soo Jung back in dramaland. 

My Secret Romance (COMPLETED)
It's fluff, but Sung Hoon is funny and charming and I'm easy.

Solomon's Perjury (ON HOLD)
Reminiscent of White Christmas, but it's actually its own thing.


Running Man
Stress relief.

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