I'm Indigo. Been around the K-pop/drama scene for more or less nine years now, blogging for almost seven of those. 

I'm a fan of horror but don't get to talk about it very often in relation to dramas. I mostly watch K-dramas as I've gotten used to the format and cultural context, though I occasionally dabble in Japanese and Taiwanese shows as well. Genre-wise, I enjoy a good mystery or fantasy series, but I usually go for romcoms, school dramas and slice-of-life.

My preferences in music are mostly random, though I've obviously come to prefer K-pop over American pop. I do avoid getting involved in fandoms because I don't have patience for childish fanwars.

I also own a cat. Cats are awesome. Get one.


POPdramatic is essentially a drama and K-pop oriented blog, though majority of its content is comprised of celebrity fashion pictorials. I'm very much a visual person, so I believe pretty pictures of pretty people are worth sharing. 

My posting tends to range from several posts a day to total silence for months. This is simply because blogging can be time-consuming and I don't always have the motivation for it. So bear with me. Or don't. 

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