Drama Check-In 09/05/2018

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Drama Check-In is a recurring post that helps to keep track of dramas I'm currently watching and allows me to share immediate thoughts on them as I go through the episodes. The intention is to write down my prevalent impressions and encourage readers to do the same in the comments. Discussion is welcome.

Time (12/32)
What. A. Roller coaster. 

In the last post, I criticized this drama pretty heavily and said I was probably going to drop it. Then I watched a bit more, felt I was too harsh on it and decided to continue watching. But then it was announced that Kim Jung Hyun was going to drop out due to health issues, which is terribly unfortunate because Soo Ho's redemption arc is actually quite interesting, so now it doesn't make sense to continue...?

Clearly, this drama has much less appeal without the male lead, whose fate is now sealed and probably gets killed off within the next episodes, but I wonder what's going to happen to Ji Hyun now. Recently released stills showed Ji Hyun going through a major transformation, which certainly piques my interest but doesn't negate the fact that I'd be crushed to see Soo Ho die and Ji Hyun losing yet another important person in her life. I don't know if I can deal with a main character's death, especially if it's an unplanned script change that suddenly changes the course of the story. There isn't even any guarantee that the drama is able to deliver a solid conclusion after such major changes.

To be honest, I don't know what I should do. I haven't caught up with the latest episodes as of now and I feel rather conflicted about this whole mess. I think it was the right decision for Kim Jung Hyun to leave and take care of whatever health issues he has, but without him I fear there's not much to watch. Should I still try and pick up where I left off, or read spoilers instead, or just pretend it doesn't exist and go about my way? Any advice from fellow viewers?

Thirty But Seventeen (24/40)
This drama makes me soft and forgiving. 

The plot hasn't progressed much at all since the last time I talked about the drama, and yet I can't be mad at it because the characters are so darn endearing and just seeing them interact gives me the warm fuzzies. Especially after that confession at the end of episode 24, which was so lovely and simple and right.

Seo Ri and Woo Jin have truly come a long way since the beginning of the story, which makes me so proud. They are consistently inspiring one another to make positive changes in their lives and growing and maturing together, though in different ways. Of course, their problems are far from being solved. Seo Ri still needs to find her uncle and aunt, while Woo Jin needs to confront his trauma, and they both need to find out the truth about the accident. 

The good thing is that aunt and uncle are closer to Seo Ri than she realizes, but with the pace that we're in, I still don't know how long it takes before they all finally meet face to face. And when will that clueless doctor finally find Seo Ri? The poor guy keeps missing her and it's getting kind of really annoying, but then again, I don't think we really need him intervening our sweethearts anyways.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty (12/16)
We are already nearing the end of this drama. It's gone by fairly quickly and I've been consistently watching and enjoying it each week. 

The latest episodes were full of love confessions left and right, though mostly with poor results. Woo Young admitted his attraction towards Mi Rae, which didn't go so smoothly because 1) she wasn't happy to hear that he liked her post-surgery looks 2) she doesn't have feelings for him. Thankfully, Woo Young is still a stand-up guy and took rejection gracefully, and even sorta gave his blessing for her and Kyung Suk

Then there was the "confession" that Soo Ah staged in front of Mi Rae in a pathetic attempt to make Kyung Suk like her. Of course, Kyung Suk coldly rejected her and called her mentally ill for good measure. I am still entirely confused about Soo Ah's motivations because there's no indication that she likes Kyung Suk for real or that she has any reason to dislike Mi Rae. Everything she does is for show, but what is she trying to achieve? 

But moving on...Kyung Suk also finally made his feelings aware to Mi Rae. Unfortunately, Mi Rae is still more concerned about the opinions of others rather than the matters of her own heart. I can understand her insecurities, because it is hard to be with someone who other people think is out of your league, but I do hope that she realizes that she's really great herself. We still have a few episodes left, so I'm hopeful that we see Mi Rae taking charge of her love life and accept her feelings towards Kyung Suk. Though most of all, I just hope someone gives Soo Ah a well-deserved kimchi slap.

Come and Hug Me (17/32)
I didn't realize this but the title of this drama is pretty darn accurate—there's a lot of hugging. In fact, a bit too much hugging and too little creepy dad stuff.

The drama has some really good ideas, but I'm not sure it's executing them well enough. I'm mostly interested in Do Jin's deeply troubled relationship with his father, but aside from flashbacks there haven't been any interactions between them. Granted, dad is in prison and Do Jin has no intention of visiting him, but I just need that confrontation, dammit. At least we get to explore the complicated dynamic between Do Jin and his brother Hyun Moo, now that the latter is out of prison. Hyun Moo is no angel, but he's also not hopelessly evil like dad. Moreover, he feels remorseful about stabbing Do Jin, so I hope there will be some sort to reconciliation between them.

I don't really have much to say about our female lead Jae Yi, who mostly just needs saving from either the mean reporters or people trying to kill her. Her interactions with Do Jin are sweet, but it just feels like the romance is getting in the way of the things I want from the story. I'm very interested in Do Jin having to deal with the horrible reality of being the son of a serial killer and his guilt over dad's crimes, but everything always comes down to his romantic feelings for Jae Yi, rather than his own personal turmoil and conflict. I suppose I just want this to be less of a romance drama and more a drama drama, if that makes sense. 

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