Daniel Choi Stands Eerily in the Rain in Posters for The Ghost Detective

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The upcoming horror mystery series titled The Ghost Detective has finally given us something to talk about with the release of three atmospheric and perfectly creepy posters.

Those who don't know, the drama is directed by Lee Jae Hoon, whose most-known titles include Chief Kim (2017) and Page Turner (2016), and written by Han Ji Wan, who previously worked on Wanted (2016). It follows a private investigator Lee Da Il, played by Daniel Choi, who tries to solve the mystery around the death of his younger sibling. Park Eun Bin plays his fearless assistant Jung Yeo Wool, while Lee Ji Ah portrays Sun Woo Hye, a mysterious woman who appears at every crime scene. Ghosts will also play a part somewhere in this, though we are yet to see how. 

As for the newly released posters, two of them show our titular detective standing in the rain at night, looking as if he's there to bury a body or dig one up. Third poster depicts a corridor leading to a door and a man's silhouette can be seen through the glass panel. All three images have certainly piqued my interest in the drama and hopefully the overall dark and creepy vibe will be as prevalent in the final product. After all, the horror genre in dramaland is terribly under-represented and could use a proper reviving.

The Ghost Detective will air at the end of the month on August 29 and take over KBS2's Wednesday-Thursday time slot currently occupied by The House Helper.

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