Drama Check-In 10/16/2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Checking back in with the dramas I've been watching. There was abundance of cute in Shopping King Louis, there was even more bad editing in Moon Lovers, there was an ass trying to not be an ass in Drinking Solo and there were three people starting a relationship together in Jealousy Incarnate. Hence, lots to talk about.

Shopping King Louis (7/16)
This show continues to be adorable, light-hearted and utterly silly. I don't even have much to comment on the progress that we've made in the last three episodes because...well, because there's not much progress to speak of, not that I'm really bothered by it. Honestly, the drama is all about the main couple for me and as long as they're together and cute, I'm fine with it being a plotless fluff.

Still, as naive and inexperienced they are, Bok Shil and Louis actually seem to be the most healthy and non-problematic out of all the couples in the dramas I'm watching right now. Even if they can't quite put a name to their feelings yet, it's so refreshing to see a drama couple that's so open about enjoying each other's company. And I especially mean Louis, who keeps confessing his feelings (without actually confessing) in the most honest, childlike way that makes me forget all his other flaws. As aggravating as his immature and spoiled nature can be at times, I can't help but love how uncomplicated and transparent he is otherwise. 

That said, I do look forward to Louis growing up a bit and finally stop spending Bok Shil's money. Well-meaning idiot he may be, but he can't stay that way forever. 

On another note, was that a kiss I saw in the preview? 

Moon Lovers: Scarelet Heart Goryeo (15/20)
So let's see, what we've accomplished in the last two weeks: Hae Soo and So are finally acting like they're the OTP of this show. Wook is suddenly an evil mastermind. Yo died and then came back to life, because that's just our luck. Evil Queen got herself a grey wig. Baek Ah and Woo Hee fell in love, despite their arc not making any sense. Eun fell in love with his wife, which means they're gonna die now. Nobody likes Yeonhwa anymore, not even Yo, and she's more pissed than ever. Oh, and Goryeo kingdom keeps switching its kings like underwear.

With only five episodes left, it has also hit me that I don't really get what is the story that we're being told. Is it about Hae Soo? Not really, because she's been so passive throughout that there's no personal journey to speak of when it comes to her character. Is it about time-travel? Definitely not, since you could tell this story without anyone having time-travelled and things would be no different. Is it about So's rise to power? Maybe, but why is it then that So keeps going back and forth about wanting the throne and then not really caring about it. Is it a love story? Well, I'm still wondering if Hae Soo actually loves So or if she simply settles for someone who loves her.

Ultimately, it seems that the drama doesn't have a clear goal in sight and it's becoming more apparent now as we're reaching the end. If everyone dying at the end is all I have to look forward to, why did I watch this drama again? On second thought, don't answer that.

Drinking Solo (12/16)
Oh, Jung Suk. You're so lucky that Ha Suk Jin danced his way into my heart in an earlier episode because you were HORRIBLE in episodes 9-10. 

Thankfully, Jung Suk came to his senses and did his best to redeem himself in episodes 11-12, although I would have preferred to see him wallow in his self-induced misery for a little longer. I am glad, however, that once he admitted his feelings to himself, he was actually rather reasonable and mature about making things right. Although I feel Ha Na forgave him a bit too quickly, even with her initial refusal to hear him out, I'm mostly fine with how they reconciled. The kiss certainly helped.

I also stand by my earlier comment about how Jung Suk probably doesn't realize what a huge dick he has been, and that was proven by how he wasn't even aware of how people called him Premium Trash behind his back. All this time he has been insisting that he enjoys being alone, but now he finally realizes that he's also alone because nobody wants him around. And if there's one thing that always gets my sympathy it is lonely people, otherwise I'd been done with him a long time ago.

Other than Jung Suk, I don't have much to comment on about the developments in the show. While I've grown to more-or-less like all the characters by now, I'm still not fully invested in their arcs. I like that Jin Yi has proved herself to be a loyal friend to Ha Ni and now I genuinely wish for her and Jin Woong to get together, seeing as they're both quite sad and lonely now. Meanwhile, the students are in the midst of a complicated love whatever-angle, leaving me hoping that they still come out of it as friends. 

I do worry about Gong Myung a bit, because judging by the preview he's gonna have a bad time in next week's episodes. But what I actually want is for the brothers to become closer and I wish Jung Suk, being a changed man now, to be the first one to make an effort towards improving that relationship. I'd actually really love if the remaining four episodes focused more on the two of them.

Jealousy Incarnate (16/24)
This love triangle is the funniest, saddest, stupidest, most pathetic mess I've seen in a long time.

As much as I find this whole thing amusing to watch, I do think that out male leads have regressed to the point where they're now toddlers fighting over a toy and both need a serious time-out. I also don't really approve the idea of the three of them being in this odd relationship together until Na Ri figures out who she loves. That's just a bad idea. But then again, I don't really have a solution for this situation myself, so I'm curious to see how the writer is going to sort this mess out and get the OTP together, assuming that this is still the goal here. 

I've firmly been on Hwa Shin's team from the start because Jo Jung Suk is doing such a magnificent job with a character that would be so easy to hate otherwise. Go Kyung Pyo, on the other hand, is still as bland to me as he was at the start. Don't get me wrong, I do like him, but he clearly doesn't have the acting chops to convince me Jung Won actually loves Na Ri as much as he claims to. At best, his feelings come across sincere, but clearly not burning with a fiery passion as Hwa Shin's do. See kiss at the end of episode 14 for proof.

Speaking of that kiss, the whole scene is my favourite in the series so far. So many emotions - anger, hurt, frustration, confusion, confliction, vulnerability, passion, guilt - in such a short span and so well acted that you could easily cut the tension with a knife. And despite its controversialness, it was the first time I actually thought Na Ri was acting like a real person with feelings that I could understand. I don't necessarily approve of her decision to kiss Hwa Shin while (sorta) dating Jung Won, but it was a whole lot better than her reciting feelings in dialogue, which so far has been ineffective in making me believe her. In fact, Gong Hyo Jin's line delivery can often be very matter-of-fact to the point that I feel like there's no emotional weight to the words she's saying. So I was happy to see Na Ri acting realistically for once.

So what are my hopes for next week? Well, can everyone calm down for a sec and figure out what it is that they actually want and deserve? Yeah, not likely.

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