Drama Check-In 09/29/2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

Having been watching dramas quite a lot lately, I feel there's a need for a quick, jumbled update on them. Since my schedule is quite full these days, so it's starting to get rather difficult keeping up with all of them, especially with the addition of two new dramas last week - The K2 and Shopping King Louie. Although for this post, I only found time for the latter. 

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (9/18)

I wish I could say I find this drama as riveting as some other people, but I kinda really don't. Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum are a delightful pairing, but with confessions being confessed I'm starting to wonder if there's anything left to watch after the couple gets together. I'm not sure there is. If this was a shorter drama, I could see myself sticking out just for the cute, but there's 9 more episodes. That's quite a lot of hours.

I'm not saying goodbye to this show yet, since Bo Gum might easily lure me back, but my interest is waning at an alarming rate. If someone can give me at least three good reasons to keep watching, I will.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Goryeo (9/20)

Man, this drama is not making OTP shipping easy for us.

As much as I'm grateful for Wook's heavenly beauty, I feel it's entirely unfair that he gets all the cute couple scenes with Hae Soo, while poor So gets poop thrown at him. And just when I thought So was gonna get somewhere with Hae Soo after the magical rain-conjuring BB cream drew them closer, she began having visions of him going evil and blaming him for things he hasn't even done yet. Can't say that I appreciate that.

Admittedly, So possibly going evil is rather fascinating, but before we get to that I want him to experience at least some love and happiness. Since we're at the half-point of the drama, I'm holding out hope next episodes will bring the much needed development with the main romance because otherwise it's going to be hard selling the OTP in later episodes. At this point, So is desperate to keep Hae Soo as his person, but she's way too scared to reciprocate any feelings. 

The kiss at the end of ep 9 showed how possessive So can be, but to win Hae Soo over he needs to be much gentler, especially now. Though I can see how the forced kiss is relevant to the development of his untamed darker side, what matters more is how he's going to act afterwards and if he realizes that he was being violent. I don't think the kiss was meant to be romantic to begin with and from the viewpoint of So's emotionally tortured character, his behaviour makes sense. I just hope that he sees that this is not the way to treat a lady.

Preview for ep 10 shows a lot turning-points for the characters, so I'm intrigued to see where the story is going to head next. Hopefully, to better places.

Shopping King Louis (2/16)

Now this is Seo In Guk in his own element. He's got a talent for comedy and playing boyish characters, so this drama gets major points for his brilliant comedic timing alone. Nam Ji Hyun, however, is believably cast as this slightly naive but very determined and resourceful country girl. Together they make a really lovely lead pairing.

I also love the untypical romance, where the heroine is the one saving the male lead. It gives a lot opportunities for comedy, but it's equally heartwarming how she takes care of a stranger simply because she's not one to walk out on someone in trouble. They've already bonded a lot by the end of episode 2, so I expect them to grow an even stronger camaraderie over the course of this series. One that serves as a wonderful basis for later romantic attraction. With all the jerk male leads we've been getting lately, Louis the harmless amnesiac puppy is definitely very refreshing for a change.

The show itself is wacko, but in a good way. It's not trying to be serious or dramatic, it's simply relishing in its silliness and that pays off because I find the drama very amusing and adorable.

Also, does anyone else get My Beautiful Gong Shim vibes with this one?

Jealousy Incarnate (10/24)

Dramas really don't want us to ship main couples lately, do they?

Just like with Moon Lovers, Jealousy is spending time on pairing the heroine up with the second lead, rather than with our hero. Granted, I do think Hwa Shin deserves his ego getting totally crushed before getting anywhere with Na Ri, but the way Jo Jung Suk plays his heartbreak is killing me.

Then again, I don't like the direction we're heading in with Hwa Hin trying to steal her away and Jung Woo getting ugly jealous. The men had such a solid friendship and it's a shame the show is planning to destroy it, especially after Hwa Shin played Cupid for them in ep 9. I was impressed that he actually thought of their happiness over his own, despite being in total heartbreak over it. Coming from him, that showed major growth in character and proved him being worthy of redemption. But the preview for ep 11 shows that all that lovely improvement is gonna go to waste now and I hate that. Though, I don't approve of Jung Woo getting all possessive over Na Ri either.

On another note, I do wish I loved Na Ri more. I feel like Gong Hyo Jin is resting on her laurels and not doing much in this role. Maybe she herself is getting tired of playing the same type of character over and over again, but if you took the job, you better make it work. So far, I don't find her all that lovable, really.

Drinking Solo (4/16)

I'm not sure if I'm really feeling it with this drama. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but it hasn't grabbed me the way Let's Eat did. I feel this spin-off lacks the same poignancy and subtle warmth that came across so wonderfully in that one. Maybe it's the characters, who are more annoying to me than they are endearing at this point, even if I don't necessarily dislike any of them (though, Jin Yi is walking on very thin ice there). I guess I just miss the quirky personalities in Let's Eat, as opposed to the rather typical jerk hero versus clumsy heroine set-up we have here.

That being said, once Jung Suk stopped being unfairly mean against Ha Na, I can see their dynamic being more fun to watch, although I'm sure we can all agree that Gong Myung is the real heartthrob here. I'm not yet experiencing Second Lead Syndrome because I secretly want Gong Myung for myself, but I can see it happening if he doesn't stop being such a sweetheart to Ha Na.

Overall, it's not a show I'm anxiously looking forward to watching, but it has its lovely moments. I hope the characters will grow on me over time.

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