JTBC's Upcoming Drama Fantastic Gives Me Some Fantastic News! (posters, teasers and all that jazz)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm suddenly very interested in this show!

JTBC's upcoming fall series Fantastic depicts the story of a popular drama writer Lee So Hye (Kim Hyun Joo), who learns that she has only six months left to live. She decides to live her remaining days without regrets and ends up in a romantic relationship with top actor Ryu Hae Sung (Jo Sang Wook) who is known for his foot-acting (hence his nickname Foot Caprio, LOL).

According to reports, the show tries to keep a lighter mood and focuses on the "fantastic" part of life. I think it's also safe to say that Jo Sang Wook will be providing us with lots of laughs with his character who, despite his popularity, is a hilariously awful actor. Although, I'm sure the man will learn to convey emotions better on the screen when he starts feeling them in real life. In fact, I'm rather hopeful that this drama will have a moving story to tell and might possibly be quite watchable since it is directed by Jo Nam Kook, whose previous works include Last, Empire of Gold and The Chaser. Don't want to jinx it, though.

And now on to the specifically fantastic news. As you may know, I'm a huge Park Si Yeon fan and I've complained a lot how she keeps getting typecast into bitchy second female lead roles where she always loses out to the heroine. BUT, as it turns out, Park Si Yeon is probably not going to die alone and bitter in this drama!

The description for Park Si Yeon's character Baek Seol says that she used to be more rebellious back in her high school days, but after marrying into a rich family, she has to keep her hot-temper under wraps and maintain "a good housewife" image. The show promises that she'll find true happiness over the course of the drama. A big part of that happiness is apparently Ji Soo's character Kim Sang Wook, a young intelligent lawyer, who falls in love with Baek Seol. It'll probably be his character that actively tries to win her over as she's married, but I'm sure she'll be very tempted by him. Ji Soo is no stranger to noona romances, so I'm sure he'll nail the part, but mostly I'm just glad that Park Si Yeon won't be disregarded again as the annoying ex-girlfriend of the male lead or something of the like, and has her own story arc.

The last member of the main cast is Kim Tae Hoon (yay, for the tiny Nice Guy reunion) who, for once, isn't a villain and plays an oddball character of Hong Joon Ki, the heroine's uber-optimistic doctor (perhaps reminiscent of the health freak Chris from Parks and Recreation?) I'm happy for the actor that he gets to be more likable this time around, but this also means that, yes, he's going to be the unlucky third in the main love triangle. In any case, he'll likely be a blast to watch on-screen.

The teaser trailers are really cute, even though they tell us very little about what to expect from the series or from the other characters. But as far as I can tell, our heroine doesn't seem one to be messed with and our hero seems to take pleasure in getting a reaction out of her. Obviously we're in for the classic bickering romance.

Fantastic premieres on September 2 on JTBC, taking over the Fridays & Saturdays time slot, currently occupied by Age of Youth

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  1. I'm really looking forward to see Kim Tae Hoon plays an oddball character. He always play a serious/ devilish character, so it's new and interesting. And Park Si Yeon is so lucky in Noona Romance department. First, Song Joong Ki, now Ji Soo.

    1. Indeed, it'll be interesting to see Kim Tae Hoon in a more light-hearted role. As for Park Si Yeon, I think the guys are just as lucky to be in a noona romance with her, she is so lovely ;)


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