'Fantastic' Looks Suprisingly Lively Despite the Whole Dying Part

Sunday, August 28, 2016

JTBC drama Fantastic is just four days away and network has released the main posters for the series, which has promised to keep it light in spite of the heavy theme of a woman suffering from a terminal illness. And so far all the promo material has me believing, albeit cautiously, that this show might just keep its word.

Two of the new posters feature our main leads simply with their arms around each other and nothing that would indicate an impending doom. In one of them, Jo Sang Wook and Kim Hyun Joo do look a little wistful, but subtly so. The other two posters, however, feature our main cast all together, looking like a fun, happy group of friends. I rather like the one where they're drawing the word "fantastic" in the air with their sparklers, even if it's slightly corny. I'm just glad that they all seem to be more-or-less friendly with each other.

There's no doubt the show will also have to delve into some heavier emotions, but as long as it doesn't wallow too much in sadness and misery, I fine with something more melancholy among its inspirational "die without regrets" thematics. After all, it comes down to execution first and foremost.

As said previously, Fantastic airs on September 2nd. If you haven't already, also do check out trailers three and four down below. 

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