POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 28

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Day 28: Your top three sisterhoods in dramas.

Hm. This turned out to be a challenging question because, unlike with bromances, I can only think of a few strong sisterhoods from the dramas that I've seen. The issue here is that dramaland seriously lacks sisterhoods, while bromances are of abundance. Even if female characters start out as friends, there's usually jealousy or betrayal that ruins their friendship half-way, which is pretty disappointing, really. 

I also fear I've dropped or skipped out on dramas that did have good female friendships and since I didn't get to see the full trajectory of those relationships, I can't exactly comment on them. So this is why instead of a third pick, I've added a few honourable mention sismances that I think would fit in the list, although I never got to see these relationships fully play out myself.

Crazy fangirls Shi Won and Yoo Jung (Answer Me 1997)

Shi Won and Yoo Jung were not just friends, they were soldiers fighting alongside in a fanwar for what was known as the holy cause of the H.O.T. Indeed, these two fangirls had one big thing in common and that shared interest made up an important part of their friendship. That is until the girls had a big falling out because of their differing allegiances to rivalling boy groups. But what came next was the cutest reconciliation ever - Yoo Jung showing her loyalty and love for her friend by getting the same ugly punishment haircut as Shi Won and, with no other words or apologies needed, they girls were back to being besties. And though they were now fighting on different sides, they never fought with each other again.

Opposite personality roommates Tae Hee and Doo Ri (What's Up?)

You'd think that a naive country bumpkin Tae Hee and brutally honest rebel Doo Ri would have a tough time getting along, but against all odds these opposite personality roommates still somehow became friends. Because of her endearing cluelessness, Tae Hee got valuable guidance and life lessons from Doo Ri, whose advice was always full of cold hard truths that nevertheless offered comfort that Tae Hee needed. Doo Ri was never the kind of girl to openly show that her oddball roommate had slowly grown on her, but if someone dared to hurt Tae Hee she made damn sure the punk would get a good beating for it. If that's not loyalty, then I don't know what is.

Honorable mentions:

Hye Jin and Ha Ri (She Was Pretty)

Yoon Ha and Ji Yi (High Society)

Eun Seol and Na Yoon (and Myung Ran) (Protect the Boss)

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