POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 26

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Day 26: Drama character you'd actually want to be.

Hm, this one's a bit of a toughie. Because would I actually want to be a drama heroine and marry a rich chaebol if that means I'd have to go through all that other crap that I wouldn't have the patience for? Not really. So my pick for this question has got to be a character who has a life that I could actually imagine living. After some brainstorming, I came up with the perfect answer.

Seo Eun Young from Coffee House is a character who I've mentioned on this blog quite a few times before as she is one of my all time favourite K-drama female leads ever. So if I could be any character from a drama, I'd really want to be her. 

I find Eun Young very admirable as she's very smart and beautiful, has a successful career and can solve problems without needing any rescue from the male lead. She loves her work and is good at it. 

Eun Young also has an endearingly quirky side to her. Although she's usually very elegant, she does have moments of embarrassment or awkwardness and what I truly admire is how she nevertheless has the confidence to come out of those situations and laugh at herself.

Despite having insecurities like any other person, she does face challenges head-on: when she has feelings for someone, she gathers courage to tell them face-to-face; when she's rejected, she picks herself back up and moves on. 

Most of all, it's Eun Young's ability to admit her wrongs and learn from her experiences that makes her worthy of respect. Not many of us are courageous enough to put ourselves out there and be sincere about our feelings, which is why her honest and brave personality appeals to me so much.

For all these reasons, Eun Young truly stands out to me from other characters in dramaland. It's really not about me wanting to live her life all the way to the happy ending, but it's more that her character embodies so many qualities that I wish I had.

(Also, can I just mention that I loved her personal style. Her outfits were sometimes a little odd, but I like that they reflected her personality and mood.)

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