POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 25

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Day 25: Drama character you'd actually want to date (not just lust over).

Now this is a good question, because while many drama heroes seem very swoonworthy on screen, they'd make lousy boyfriend material in real life with all their emotional baggage, family drama, crazy ex-girlfriends etc. But I guess I can think of two characters that I could actually imagine dating, not just wish to own as a pretty furniture piece.

Li Da Ren from In Time With You

For the first time during this challenge, I'm talking about a Taiwanese drama, but for a good reason. In Time With You really made it clear that a good boyfriend is the one you connect on a mental level as much as you do romantically. Da Ren was You Qing's lifelong best friend who knew her better than she knew herself. He was always there for her and always rooting for her, even if she didn't realize it. He never tried to control or change her (unlike her shitty ex) because - swoon - he loved her for who she was. You Qing probably should have realized much sooner that the guy who genuinely enjoys your company, makes you laugh and stays with you through thick and thin, is the one you should end up with. Obviously.

Yoon Dong Ha from Witch's Romance

I've mentioned Dong Ha quite a few times during this challenge, so it comes as no surprise I've included in today's post. As I've expressed before, he's possibly the best boyfriend one could wish for. Sweet, supportive and always respectful of Ji Yeon's decisions, Dong Ha really made being a nice guy hot. He hardly had any emotional baggage that would affect his relationship with Ji Yeon and never created new drama for her. And even when she wasn't sure of her feelings, he was there for her as a friend, which is almost too nice of him. I'm not sure if guys like him exist in real life, but if they did, world would be a better place.

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