POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 24

Friday, July 01, 2016

Day 24: The unhealthiest drama OTP who were better off not being together at all.

I could actually name quite a few dramas where the main couple would probably way be better off not being together, but there are few times where the OTP pissed me off that much that I was actively unshipping them.

The Heirs

This romance, or actually, the whole damn love triangle was so incredibly unhealthy. On the one side, you had Tan who, despite his intentions, came across emotionally manipulative and inconsiderate. On the other side, you had Young Do who was violent and literally tried to bully Eun Sang into liking him. Neither of the boys was a good choice and poor Eun Sang seemed to be abused left and right by these two guys who kept dragging her into their personal rivalry and never let her decide anything for herself. It was not romantic, it was kind of traumatic (especially the forced physical contact) and Eun Sang should have moved far away from both of them.

I Need Romance 2

This was a drama I did not have much fun watching because the leading couple and their entire relationship was so frustrating. Even though Yeol Mae and Seok Hyun loved each other, they always seemed to be wanting different things and could not communicate with each other at all. For the most part, all they did was fight. For a while there the drama teased us with the possibility that Yeol Mae could end up with Ji Hoon instead (whom she even fell in love with) and I was hoping that she would, yet in a last minute twist, the leads still patched things up and got back together, even though by that time I had lost all hope that they could ever have a healthy relationship.  


To me, this couple was very problematic, so let me rant. First of all, the body swap in itself is very unfomfortable as Kyung Joon, an underaged high schooler, gets trapped in his teacher's fiancee's body. For a good part of the series, the teacher Da Ran then projects her feelings for her fiancee onto Kyung Joon, who's really just a kid in grown man's body. Then there's also the awkward fact that the fiancee, Yoon Jae, and Kyung Joon are actually brothers. And lastly, when the couple gets together at the end, Kyung Joon supposedly returns to his body, yet still looks like Yoon Jae, which not only doesn't make any sense, but it also makes you wonder if Da Ran ever loved the real Kyung Joon or if she just loved the shell. It just all wrong.

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