POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 29

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Day 29: Drama that everyone else absolutely loved and you absolutely did not.

Well, there have definitely been dramas I haven't liked quite as much as everyone else seemed to, but dramas that I genuinely disliked while others were crazy about it? Hm. 

There have been dramas which hype I never fully understood, like I Hear Your Voice

and Man From Another Star,

although I didn't outright dislike them either. I did have trouble seeing the same worth in them that other viewers did.

Then there have been dramas that I just didn't get like Secret Garden

which I thought was really boring and quite lazily done. But I didn't care enough about it to hate it.

And then there was Kill Me, Heal Me, which simply didn't deserve all the praise it got. Ji Sung did, but the drama itself was all over the place. However, I did drop it quite early on because of Hwang Jung Eum, so maybe I was biased to dislike it and didn't give it a fair chance?

I guess I've also failed to see the appeal of Marriage Not Dating and Oh Hae Young Again, but I have no strong feelings of dislike towards them, just meh feelings.

But perhaps I Need Romance series is one of those I've not loved at all, despite it being popular enough to spur three separate seasons. 

I've tried to watch each of them, but given up for the same reason - the female lead is always unbearable to me. 

And though I've heard people rave about the portrayal of female friendships in I Need Romance, I've always felt they've been poor attempts at trying to mimic Sex and the City foursome, resulting in awkward dialogue and stilted interactions. 

So while I appreciated the INR-series for being more open about sex and relationships than most dramas, I've never understood why people adore it so much.

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