POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 5

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 5: Guilty pleasure drama that you love to watch, even though you know it's flawed. 

Ok, today I got a little ahead of myself and mistakenly spent time on writing a post for Day 6, which is actually tomorrow. Silly me. So this means I'm making Day 5 a quickie, in order not to waste anymore time today. 

I actually didn't have to think very hard for this one. My Girl is one of the few Hong sisters dramas that I think deserves it's popularity and it's also one of my most favourite older dramas. That being said, the drama has aged quite a bit, both in terms of fashions and cinematography, and it has never been a standout when it comes to writing. 

BUT it holds a special spot in my kokoro because its genuinely funny, the romance is really cute and it has one of my favourite female leads of all time, played by Lee Da Hae, who delivers a charming performance as the street-smart liar Yoo Rin.

I'm not one to fully re-watch shows that I've once already completed, but I've gone back to My Girl a few times before and while it hasn't aged most gracefully, it is still a drama that's entertaining to watch even now.  

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