POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 18

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 18: Your favourite second female lead character in a drama.

Ah, second female leads. We all know too well that it's easier to find a needle in a haystack than a second female lead who isn't a conniving bitch. All is not lost, though, as once in a blue moon a second female turns up who's unexpectedly sympathetic, amusing or just way cooler than the actual leading lady. Those are rare times, but when such characters do show up, they tend to be remembered fondly for a long time. 

Here are the ones I thought of first:

Ji Hye (Emergency Couple)

Nice, intelligent and always reasonable, Ji Hye was the one person you could count on to be levelheaded and professional, while everyone else was too caught up with their personal issues and love drama. She was too good for this show. 

Hye Won (Joseon Gunman)

Hye Won was a strong, smart and determined second lead whom I found immediately more likable than the heroine. And although Hye Won's father was the villain of the show, their loving relationship was honestly one of the few intriguing things about the entire series.

Yoo Kyung (Mi Rae's Choice)

This drama made me question why was everyone crushing on the heroine who couldn't make up her damn mind, when the second female lead was much prettier, much smarter and overall just more superior in every way. Actually no, I take that back, I'm glad Yoo Kyung was self-reliant and didn't need Mi Rae's sloppy seconds.

Yi Ryung (The Master's Sun)

You can't really accuse Yi Ryung of being too nice, but she was never hateful. In fact, she was pretty darn entertaining due to her hilariously overblown ego and her unexpectedly adorable crush on Kang Candy

Na Yoon (Protect the Boss)

Na Yoon could have turned out like the typical second female lead, but she was far too amusing for that. Although she had her moments of being totally vapid, she totally grew on me and turned out to be surprisingly likable.

Hong Joo (Bridal Mask/Gaksital)

Strong, sharp, conflicted, vulnerable, stylish, admirable - Rie/Lala/Hong Joo was better than Mok Dan in every way I can think of and more. Also, unlike Ji Se Yeon, Han Chae Ah was actually interesting to watch on screen.

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  1. The "Ice cream" girl in Protect the Boss was adorable. Especially when the writer gave up on the usual triangle nonsense, she became the comic relief of the drama and that was refreshing. The scene where both her and Ji Sung were watching outside the restaurant at Choi Kang Hee and Jaejoong was hilarious. My two angry teddy bears, lol!

    In Mi-rae's Choice the second lead was the star in her own life. She had been through a lot and had a pretty good idea of how the real world works. She knew she had to entertain old guys outside work even if she hated it. She knew her poor background but she was one true fighter. I also liked her better than "today's" Mi-rae.

    In Capital Scandal, the second female lead was fantastic. Ready to fight, ready to love and ready to die, all at the same time. The role was even more powerful than Rie's in Gagsital but we can blame the execution/writer/director for stripping her of all the epic elements she originally had in the story. KBS made it up for Han Chae Ah in Gagsital, since Ji Se Yeon was/is nowhere near Han Ji Min's brand-name.

    1. Yeah, Na Yoon (the Ice Cream Girl) was actually really adorable and funny. All she really wanted was to have friends and be loved. I loved her.

      Yoo Kyung was definitely more likable that Mi Rae. I didn't hate Mi Rae, but come on, she wasn't as desirable as the show led us to believe.

      Haven't seen Capital Scandal, though. But I did see people mentioning the second female lead in that as a likable character when I read other people's opinions on which second leads they liked.


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