POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 17

Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 17: Your favourite sidekick character in a drama.

Hmm...It's a little bit difficult to define what makes a true sidekick, so I'm just listing all the side-characters I felt fit the criteria more or less. 

Shi Kyung (The King 2 Hearts) 

I'd say he's a lot more than just a sidekick, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to mention Jo Jung Suk. Extremely faithful to his friends and his country, our Earnest Bot was slightly awkward, very sincere and utterly lovable.

Ga Eul (Boys Over Flowers)

Smart, pretty and loyal - Ga Eul was the best friend that we all wish we had. And her little side-romance with Kim Bum's character is still one of my favourite secondary OTPs to date (should have gotten their own show, honestly).

Gook Soo (Padam Padam)

Playful, a bit outlandish, but a very loyal friend to Kang Cheol. He balanced out the hero's serious side, but also stood beside him through every sort of hardship, just like a guardian angel should.

Secretary Kim (Secret Garden)

A little whiny, a little dramatic, but still very devoted to his job, Secretary Kim looked out for his boss in everyway he could, but also gave him a hard time when he deserved it.

Rooftop puppies (Rooftop Prince)

The hilarious and hopelessly clueless time-travelling companions of a Joseon prince had me laughing for days. And when these three cleaned up, they cleaned up gooooood.

Hye Young (Surplus Princess)

Mokbang-enthusiast Hye Young was a little odd and a little intimidating at first, but she was ultimately the friend Ha Ni could truly count on to kick the butts of anyone who tried to mess with her. She is my hero.

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  1. You have all my favorites on your list. Gook Soo was the sweetest angel ever and the rooftop puppies were so cute. Some of the best parts of King2Hearts were Jo Jung Suk's scenes. I cried so hard.

    1. Yes, they were all such darlings, I couldn't leave them out. Jo Jung Suk killed it with his role in The King 2 Hearts.


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