POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 15

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 15: Drama you watched in full, but it was a waste of your time in retrospect.

So, we're half-way done. I gotta say, this challenge has been way more...um...challenging than I thought it would be. As you could imagine, blogging daily is pretty effin' tough.

Anyway, today's question doesn't really apply to my style of drama-watching because I usually drop dramas right away if I feel like they're wasting my time. But I guess sometimes I do complete a series out of stubborness and then realize it was not worth my time at all.

Answer Me 1988

As you already know, I had plenty of issues with Answer Me 1988. I've vented enough about how unfair it was that Jung Hwan got left with nothing, but the show also seriously annoyed me with the dreadfully long episodes. There was no good excuse for the nearly 2-hour-long episodes and it was really difficult to chew through them, even though I liked the storylines (for the most part). Not only did it make the content drag needlessly, it just made me lose my attention along the way. Honestly, at the end of I felt dumb for wasting sooooo many hours on it.

Oh My Ghostess

Oh, what a major letdown this drama was. It had the main cast of four actors I absolutely adored, but the writing was so frustrating that it ruined what could and should have been a really enjoyable watch. The biggest issue was of course the whole body-possesion delio, which made the romance such a messy business that I couldn't get onboard with any pairing at all. Mainly, I trudged on because of Jo Jung Suk, whom I couldn't leave behind. So even though the performances by my darling cast were rather strong, in the end I didn't feel accomplished that I'd completed the show, I just felt disappointed. 

The Heirs

The character I liked the most - Won - got the unhappiest ending, while I stopped caring for the others long before. I didn't hate watching it, but when it was finished, it felt pointless.

Dream High 2

Ugh, the lamest second season ever. The plot was empty, the acting poor and the execution clumsy at best. I don't even remember why I watched it in full.


I grew to dislike this show pretty early on, so my disppointment with the WTF-ending wasn't as grave, but the drama was just so incredibly lazy. Resting on the success of their earlier hit-shows, Hong sisters really gave up with trying. For a moment there, I though they'd learned their lesson, but then Warm and Cozy came along...

I Need Romance 2

Just all-around a very frustrating watch. The relationship drama started getting on my nerves quite early on, but the ending really ruined it for me because I didn't want the leads to get back together in one last twist, I wanted them to move on to better and healthier relationships. Alas, they didn't and I just felt drained from ever watching the drama.

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