POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 14

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 14: Drama villain that you loved to hate or sympathized with.

Generally, drama villains tend to be on the boring side. Yeah, I said it. Most of them are underdeveloped as characters and thus their villainous actions lack believability and motivation. But occasionally some of them stand out to me a bit more than the others. 

Man From Another Star

Okay, I admit Jae Kyung is mostly in this list because he's portrayed by Shin Sung Rok, who's just really good to look at. But honestly, he did make a pretty entertaining villain, if only for the fact that he made creepy stares at the camera and twirled his imaginary moustache whenever he got a chance. It would have been more interesting if the character had more to him than just evil, but you can't have it all I guess. 

(By the way, Shin Sung Rok also made a very cool villain in Liar Game as well, but since I only watched few episodes of that I don't have much to comment on it, so I went with his role in Man From Another Star instead.)


Moon Shik was a villain that I ended up liking quite well. He wasn't necessarily the most original kind of villain, but at least he had a backstory that provided motivation for the things he did and made me actually wish that he would try to redeem himself. Moon Shik's path to villainry did seem to happen partly due to circumstance, so for a good part of the series I sympathized with him, especially as deeply buried regret (or even guilt) over betraying his friends made him lose his marbles.

The Princess' Man

Prince Su Yang was a villain that was both very power-hungry and cruel, but also an unexpectedly loving father. As a character, I found him rather intriguing. It almost seemed like he wasn't aware of how terrible of a person he was, because he was so concentrated on getting rid of who he saw as the bad guys to realize that he was the bad guy. By the end of the drama, he believed his greed had destroyed what he valued most - his beloved daughter Se Ryung - and finally started to comprehend what he had done. So it was hard not to sympathize with him as many years later, the old Su Yang discovers Se Ryung is alive, but guilt over the past still keeps him from ever meeting her again.

Oh My Ghostess

I had many, many issues with this show, but one of the few things that didn't disappoint me that much was the villain Sung Jae. Played wonderfully by Im Joo Hwan, Sung Jae was really creepy as he walked around with a big smile on his face by day and then, by night, went about killing people like it's nothing. I wish the show was better written because then we could have perhaps gotten a better insight into his character and how the evil spirit had taken over him to drive him to evil deeds. But as it was, I was just glad that he met his end in a meaningful way (and yes, I am going to ignore that stupid ending where he magically survives and becomes a good person, cause fuck that).


I'm currently watching this drama and I have to admit that the villain - Seok Hoon - is kinda my favourite character in the show. Mainly, I just like the way Yeon Jung Hoon portrays him, but I do find him to be rather intriguing as a character as well. Seok Hoon is ambitious, intense and manipulative, but not over-the-top evil. He's obviously not a kind person (and also not above killing people), but during moments where he grieves his lover Eun Ha or shows unexpected kindness towards his wife Mi Yeon, I start thinking that maybe he's not that bad. I dunno if there's a way to redeem him, but I do hope his story arc ends in a way where he doesn't go insane with fury.  

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