POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 12

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 12: Actor or actress you dislike for reasons you can't explain.

Hmm...it's hard to think of anyone that I dislike just because. Most of the time I can easily explain why I don't fancy a particular actor/actress, like with Jin Se Yeon or Hwang Jung Eum, but I guess sometimes I do dislike actors/actresses for reasons that I can't explain or for reasons that are pretty irrational. Here are both:

Jang Geun Suk

Never liked the guy and I'm not sure why. I've watched several shows with him in it, but I've never grown to like him like I would if I've watched someone in multiple series. Tho, I imagine it must partly be due to his off-putting clothing and hairstyle choices that I cannot fathom.

Jung Il Woo

Everyone seems to love him. Me? Not so much. I don't mind Jung Il Woo too much when he's on my screen, but I'd still prefer not to watch him. I'd like to like him, but at this point I just don't.

Lee Ha Na

I'm not sure if it's just her I don't like or if it's only her acting. All I know is that I kept shaking my head all through her scenes in High School King of Savvy and never want to watch her in anything again. 

No Min Woo

He makes for a prettier girl than me. Not okay.

Bae Soo Bin

I dunno, his ears bother me.

Kim Nam Gil

That pornstache needs to go. Then we'll talk. 

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  1. I completely agree with you on some and also disagree on others -especially on Jung Il Woo. He's a multitasker in terms of acting and I believe he'll prove me right as he grows older. I find Bae Soo Bin a very good actor and quite handsome too; he stole the leading man's thunder in 49 Days(I never noticed his ears until now though, LOL). No comment on my No Regret guy; I can see why someone would adore him while another one finds him bizarre. His looks are not ordinary and I'm perfectly aware of that.

    My ultimate "blah" for no obvious reason is Lee Dong Gun. I dislike everything about him: his looks, his stare, his way of acting. He looks so distant that makes me wonder why he even chose to act!

    I usually fail to see the hype behind "trendy" actors like Ji Soo, Sung Joon -although I liked him in Madame Antoinette, a show that everyone else hated-, Park Bo Gum -AM'88, like most tvN's dramas, was more about directing and style of writing- or Yoo Yeon Seok -another AM misunderstanding. These actors never grew on me despite the "fangirlism" everywhere. I find them overrated because of K-ent's constant brainwashing.

    1. I know my dislike for Bae Soo Bin is pretty superficial. I actually don't mind him as an actor because he actually had quite solid acting skills, so my dislike doesn't run THAT deep. With Jung Il Woo, though, my dislike extends beyond the general "I dont' like the way he looks" criteria. I've never found Jung Il Woo a very compelling actor, in comedic roles he's a bit too much for my liking and in dramatic roles he's just average. But each to their own, right?

      I don't mind Lee Dong Gun, though yes, his looks are a bit odd. About acting, I don't really know since I think I've only seen him in Mi Rae's Choice, I think.

      I know what you mean about trendy actors. It's the overexposure and the hype that usually ruins them. However, the guys you mentioned I actually really like - Ji Soo, Sung Joon, Park Bo Gum and Yoo Yeon Seok. Not because they're trendy, but each of them has stood out to me in a specific role, even if they're not great actors per se. But there are others that I've sorta gotten really tired of seeing like Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Soo Hyun. I don't necessarily dislike them, but their overwhelming popularity doesn't make that much sense to me and I'd just like a longer break from them.


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