POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 7

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 7: Your favourite child actors/actresses.

This one is both easy and difficult for me to answer. 

Easy because I can immediately think of four lovely child actors/actresses whose careers I've followed since they were teeny-tiny little kids. But the difficult thing is, they've since kinda grown-up to become not so teeny-tiny, and now they don't really fit in the category of child actors as much as in the category of teen actors. So is it fair to include them in this list? I dunno, but I will anyway. 

To make it more fair, I did add a couple of young 'uns that do fit the category better, but let's get the obvious picks over with first.

Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo first really caught my eye in The Moon Embracing the Stars where they were just old enough to convey some very mature emotions, but young enough to draw you in with youthful innocence that's fully believable. Since then the trio has proven their acting talent by moving on from playing kid versions of various drama leads to starring in their own dramas - Yeo Jin Goo in Orange Marmalade and Jackpot, Kim Yoo Jung in Angry Mom and Kim So Hyun in School 2015: Who Are You?It's impossible to say which of these young stars I like the most as I carry a fondness for them all, but Yeo Jin Goo has perhaps been more impressive for his much heavier movie roles, though I fully expect the girls to catch up as they're each already set to appear in two upcoming drama series - Bring it On, Ghost! and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.

Along with the previous three, Kim Sae Ron is a child actress who's been around for a while and become rather popular along the way. She first truly stood out to me in the violent action thriller The Man from Nowhere, where she acted alongside the ever so elusive Won Bin. And in fact, Kim has done some very heavy-themed projects throughout her still very young career, including movies involving death, domestic abuse, crime etc. Her drama roles, such as her leading role in Hi! School - Love On, have been much more light-hearted, even if they require weighty emotions just as well. Currently, Kim is starring in the fantasy sageuk series Mirror of the Witch, which despite the very uncomfortable casting of her alongside the nearly 30-year old Yoon Si Yoon, seems to be received fairly well.

Last year, I also had the pleasure of seeing two up & coming child actors in two specific roles which I liked.

The 10-year-old Hong Hyun Taek played the kid part of Seo In Guk's character in I Remember You, where I recall him putting on an emotional performance as a kid whose father believed him to be "a monster". That poor kid.

12-year-old Lee Ja In, however, played the first of the two younger versions of Eun Dong in My Love Eun Dong, where she and Jr (from GOT7) stole my heart as the innocent pairing who'd come to change each others lives forever. I felt like the older versions never quite lived up to her portrayal of the character.

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