POPdramatic's 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 6

Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 6: Your favourite older actors/actresses.

This is a good one, if I may say so myself. I mean, how many of us really show appreciation for the older actors/actresses in dramaland? They surely deserve some lovin' too, especially as some of them have delivered such memorable performances over the years that their legacy in dramaland is not one soon to be forgotten. 

Since I didn't really specify what I mean by "older", then all is fair game starting from somewhere around the middle age, though the older the better. We can save the twenty/thirty-somethings for another list. 

So here are some of the older actors and actresses that I have strong fondness for:

Lee Sung Min is an actor who tends to play characters that you can't help but love. The man has a distinct warm fatherly quality to him, which remains true almost in every role he's in, even if the character's not actually a parent. My favourite character of his is naturally Geu Rae's overworked boss and mentor in Misaeng, but he's also been highly likable in dramas like Miss Korea and The King 2 Hearts.

Kim Mi Kyung is one of those actresses in dramaland that has played almost everyone's mother at one point but, for me, she remains most memorable in roles in dramas like the no-nonsense school director in What's Up?, the awesome hacker ahjumma in Healer and the cool lady diver in Tamra, The Island

Then, of course, there's Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa who I'm sure we all loved to bits as the Mom and Dad in the Answer Me series. They played their roles with such heart and affection that it is difficult to find any other portrayals of parent characters in dramaland that can beat their performances.

One of the younger actors in this list is Ma Dong Suk, who usually plays characters that look intimidating, but are actually very cuddly. I've liked him most as the tough yet loyal gangster in Bad Guys and as the cranky teacher in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.

Yoon Yeo Jung, on the other hand, is a veteran actress that has had a great career in both K-drama and movies, but I have to admit I've personally seen her only in one role that I can remember - the Queen Mother in The King 2 Hearts where I did like her a lot, by the way. But I do what an amazing actress she is and I hear she's marvellous in the currently airing Dear My Friends (which I hope to watch at one point), so I think she more than deserves to be mentioned here.

Kim Hee Won is an actor I actually quite like, even though he mostly plays very hateful people. However, the man's gotta knack for it and he's been rather memorable in roles like the more sadistic brother of the sibling villains in The Man from Nowhere, the miserable gangster in Angry Mom and the despicable yet surprisingly pitiful Chief Park in Misaeng.

I was first really acquainted Choi Min Soo through Running Man, where he has become somewhat of an iconic guest who literally scares the crap out of everybody. Choi truly has a very intimating aura, but it works for his advantage because he often plays fierce characters you wouldn't want to make enemies with. Nevertheless, his roles seem to be mostly very likable as is the actor himself. 

Kim Hee Ae is a lady that, like wine, seems to only get better with age. Not only is she one of the most gorgeous Korean actresses I know, she's an amazing actress who usually plays rather empowering, yet flawed women. Her roles in Secret Love Affair and A Wife's Credentials have been highly appraised, showing that, despite what ageism in dramaland might think, she's still got a splendid career ahead.

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