Fangirl Alert: Hong Kwangho aka the Voice That'll Kill You Dead

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Ethlenn, I blame you for this.

Wow. I am looking for words to put into coherent sentences to describe the admiration I have for this incredibly talented man - Hong Kwangho - and his maginificent voice, having just yesterday discovered him through my everyday blog browsing. If only I had been given a heads up about what I was about to experience, perhaps I could have prepared myself for the incoming tsunami of feels. 

I do want to give him a proper introduction on my blog, though, and not just blabber on about how awesome he sounds like, which he obviously does, but the videos below already speak for themselves. So, let me just start from the beginning.

Hong Kwangho is a South-Korean musical actor. Born in Seoul on April 6, 1982 (he is 34 years old), he was inspired by his sister who wanted to become an actor, to enter Kaywon School of Art and Design. After that he also graduated from Chung Ang University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting. His debut on the stage was as an ensemble member in the musical The Last Empress. This is what Wikipedia tells us about the start of his musical careeer. 

Since then, the man has starred in many Korean productions of known musicals like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetJekyll & HydeThe Phantom of the OperaDoctor ZhivagoThe Man of La Mancha and Notre-Dame de Paris. Quite a resume, I'd say.

Last year, Hong was even named Best Supporting Actor in a Musical award for his West End (London's equivalent of Broadway) debut role, Thuy, in Miss Saigon at the 15th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards (source The Korea Herald). Which is impressive yet, I'm sure, also well-deserved.

Most recently, however, Hong was in the news for his starring role as Light Yagami in the musical adaptation of Death Note alongside Kim Junsu (XIA) who played L

The songs from Death Note are actually the ones I want to start off with. Two main songs from the musical have been offically released for Youtube with accompanying music videos, which is pretty cool as you can kinda see him and Junsu in character. It's a little sad that I can't watch them sing live, as in be there sitting in front of the stage, but I'm happy with what I can get. After all, no matter whether it's via video or not, Hong's voice is so darn amazing that it'll be an experience nevertheless.

Here's "Death Note (Hurricane)" by Hong Kwangho: 

And also "The Game Begins" by costar Kim Junsu, who's pretty amazing on his own: 

Live performance from Death Note Showcase: 

And a highlight video from the Death Note musical, where you can see all the performers in character:

Of course, we can't escape from the ever-so-beloved "This is the Moment" from Jekyll & Hyde: 

Duet of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Kim So Hyun as Christine:

And my personal weakness, "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge alongside the lovely Lena Park

And last pick for this post is "Belle" from the production of Notre dame de Paris:

So if you found Mr. Hong as intriguing as I did, I encourage you to check out star star channel on Youtube for more. Also check out this awesome Tumblr page dedicated to him. Enjoy and hopefully we'll hear from the talented man again soon.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the introduction~ His voice is amazing. I was already a fan of Kim JunSu so fun to watch him belt it out like that - talented men both of them.

    1. Yes, extremely talented. I'm glad I'm able to spread his name more because he does deserve to be more popular. And I also do it for selfish reasons :D because it's easier to be a fan and get access to his work when his popularity increases.


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