Character Posters of Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun for Uncontrollably Fond...Oh, and Suzy and Woobie Are Somewhere in There, Too

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The upcoming KBS drama Uncomfortably, sorry...Uncontrollably Fond is readying itself for July 6th premiere, having recently released a bunch of (awkward) teasers and several pretty posters. 

The drama revolves around a couple who got separated in the past because of unforeseen events, but gets another chance at love years later, when Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) has become a top star and Noh Eul (Suzy) works as documentary producer and their paths cross once more. 

It's a very basic first loves meet again premise, which doesn't really sound terribly fascinating to me, but it's not the premise alone that keeps me feeling pretty "meh" about the series. It's the promo material, which highlights cringy acting from both Suzy, who we all know isn't a good actress by any means, and, surprisingly, also from Kim Woo Bin, whom I didn't expect to look so awkward, but it seems he's been totally miscast for the role. The latest teaser where Woobie rocks out on the stage with his guitar (which he obviously does not know how to play) and Suzy looks at him intensly blank-faced is almost painful to watch. 

I don't want to be too harsh on the drama without giving it a chance first, but so far I'm not impressed. 

That being said, the most recently released character posters, featuring my two darlings Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun, do look, dare I say, intriguing? The Im-pairing play the second leads in this drama, which I'm not happy about, but they are by far the most appealing thing about the drama. Not only do they look darn amazing in these posters, there's intensity there that Suzy and Woobie fail to deliver in theirs.

So far, there's no information about what the characters of the Im-pairing are going to be like, which has given me the opportunity to imagine them as two complex characters with their own love story. Because honestly, these two deserve to be their own leads in a drama, but since that didn't happen I pray to god they won't have to uselessly pine over Suzy and Woobie the entire series. 

Now while I'm sure my hopes and dreams about them getting their own loveline together will be crushed as soon as the drama airs, I do find it interesting how they almost look like they are from their own drama with this styling and just the general darker vibe of their posters. I'm probably reading into this too much, but it's the one thing that keeps me from not writing the drama off completely.

Anyways, below is the pretty but less intriguing main poster of Suzy and Woobie, as well as the other teaser trailers released so far. While I'm not sure I'll even be watching, I do hope the drama isn't as bland as it looks so far. Prove me wrong, show.

Uncontrollably Fond airs on next month on July 6 and it takes over the KBS2 Wednesday & Thursday time slot previously occupied by Master: God of Noodles

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