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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Despite what the lack of activity and updates might imply, this blog is not done for just yet.

Now I'm trying to be as hopeful as an optimistic pessimist such as myself can be, even though, I really work best under loooooooow expectations, so that when the opportunity presents itself, I can defy them and look much er..cooler in the end. 

But I digress...

What I basically mean is that I have no intention, nor did I have that intention before, to quit blogging permanently. But as so happens, real life is still a thing apparently and it can be such an attention-craving bitch that I occasionally have to pretend to be a functioning adult (which I'm not, but don't tell) and tend to my annoying obligations. 

At this point in time, most of my obligations are still mostly related to uni. Those who didn't know, which you most likely did not, after graduating with a BA degree in the spring, I started my MA studies in the fall of last year. Now while my BA studies allowed me to slack off a bit more, my MA studies require me to actually care about my education, so unfortunately it's a lot harder to find time for blogging and drama-watching. And once you stop posting regularly, you eventually forget to do it at all. At least that's what happened to me - over time, I just forgot to blog. 

I had amnesia, I swears.

And as long as we're being honest, let's be more so. 

My blog has never had a very large readership, especially after retiring the old blog title Between Wor(L)ds and changing it to POPdramatic, complete with a total layout makeover. Although a small readership in itself doesn't bother me, it can be rather discouraging to get little feedback to your posts that you've worked hard on (if you remember, I have a tendency to write rather long and thorough reviews). So yes, it can be difficult to find motivation to write, particularly when you don't want to waste your time and effort needlessly. Not to say I don't enjoy blogging for myself, but it can get pretty lonely from time to time.  

So that's basically my excuse as to why I've been away for so long. Though, out of courtesy, I probably should have given you an update at one point. I mean, I did miss my fourth blogging anniversary back in October and the year-end Drama Awards, which had become a sort of a tradition on this blog. I probably owe this blog an apology for that. Oh well...

In any case, I do plan on start posting again. I don't want to get your hopes up too much as these will probably be sporadic posts rather than regular, at least until summer arrives when I might have more free time. But, like I said, if you keep your expectations low enough, I might surprise you. Or not. Time will tell.

Now to the last point on the agenda. You're probably wondering whether I've kept up with dramas during this time of me dropping off the face of the earth. Well, kinda. I cannot say that I've been watching dramas as consistently as I did before, nor that I actually know about all the shows current drama season is offering, but I did watch a few.

You might recall me watching the heartwarming coming-of-age drama Twenty Again that I did complete in the fall. After that, I made the mistake of watching Reply 1988, which, with its nearly two-hour long episodes and no eventual payoff was quite literally a waste of time. Currently, however, I'm trying to find time to finish Mask, which I started watching on a whim, though I've ended up enjoying it so far. But that's about it, if you're not counting the dramas I've dropped along the way. You probably think this is a pretty shabby result, but do take into account the very poor selection of shows we had for the last few drama seasons. It's really not my fault. 

As for dramas I'll be watching next...I dunno, give me recommendations. 

If you're still out there, that is. 

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    1. Helllloooo I am here reading! :D
      I always read but rarely comment. But I want you to know that I follow your blog because I enjoy your writing so much. I'll be here when you have time to write and I'll try to gather my courage and respond. Whew that was harder than I thought it would be and I thought it would be HARD LOL

      1. Hello!

        I'm happy to hear you were there all along and that you actually take time to read my posts. I really don't want you silent lurkers to feel obligated to comment, but it's nice to know you're there. It also motivates me to post more. So comment whenever you feel like it, but know that I really appreciate any kind of response from you :)

    2. Hi there! Grad school is hellish. It's hard to describe how much it sucks up emotional and physical time and energy, so I totally get you. I am so glad that that part of my life is over. Whenever I think about getting a PhD, I try and remember how much grad school already leeched out of me. Haha. And gave me so much grey hair. But I digress. Blog when you can if you want to. I'm sad to say that RL post grad school has also been a bit of a "not much time for watching drama if I also want to blog about it" thing. Mask was actually quite fun. I enjoyed it. I still haven't finished Reply 1988 because those terribly long episodes are just too much. I can't even. 20 Again was fun as well. If you're looking for something short and fun and cute, Splish Splash Love is great. It was two episodes (it was a web drama) and it was pretty well done. I also really enjoyed Come Back Ajhussi, which actually was pretty decent. Oh My Venus had its cute moments as well. I of course got sucked into Chinese drama. If you love a good historical drama, Nirvana in Fire is AWESOME!!! Anyway, my comment has rambled on long enough. Good luck with school work! You can do it! Fighting!

      1. Hey you!

        I DID watch Splish Splash Love. Totally forgot about that. It was great, though I kinda wish it had been a full length drama or at least longer as it went by a bit too quickly for me. Also tried Oh My Venus, but aside from being cute it had very little plot, so I dropped it. I'll add Come Back Ahjussi to my list, though.

        And I would be lying if I said I know nothing about your little obsession with Nirvana in Fire ;) Considering the episode count, it probably isn't the best show for me to check out right now, but after hearing so many good things about it I will admit I'm intrigued. Maybe I'll get to it sometime.

        Anyway, I hope you're doing well too. Also wishing you better health for this year :)

      2. I'm kind of glad they kept Splish Splash Love short because otherwise I'm afraid they would have bungled it XD haha

        OMV was definitely just fluff. Cute fluff but nothing substantial.

        And yes, my obsession with Nirvana in Fire and all things Wang Kai is a little hard to miss ;P hahahahahaha

        And thank you! :)

      3. (about Splish Splash) Yeah, that's probably true as well. But I'd like to imagine if they didn't screw it up, it would make a good full length drama.

    3. Hey Helena! Ahoy once more! I was wondering what happened to your blog, although not much can be said about mine either. Ah studies, yeah. Totally get it, even though I have yet to do a Master's. I do plan enrolling soon (like next year) so I'll probably nag you to get tips later.

      Okay, drama recommendations. I recommend Signal, which I do to everyone even though they don't even watch Kdramas. But I don't think it's the type of drama to watch while you're in heat of grad school. I guess depends on the person. Agree with Eleanor with Come Back Mister, although I haven't finished. Honestly I haven't been the best drama watcher ever but have been watching movies in an attempt to catch up for Baeksang. Not going so great unfortunately, but better than drama watching. Basically hoping everyone in Signal is nominated so it makes my job easier.

      1. Heyyy!

        I browsed your blog just yesterday and I definitely admire you for doing as many posts with good content as you've done since fall. Good job, girl :D

        That's great if you're planning to start your Masters. I can't say I have any good tips for you, but when you need someone to complain to about your studies, I'll be there :D

        So, two votes for Come Back Ahjussi then. I did have some interest in Signal for a while, though yes, it's probably not the most easy going show to watch. But I might get tempted anyways.


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