Nobody Can Stop So Ji Sub from Rapping

Friday, August 14, 2015

The man has a dream and he ain't giving up on it. Let the haters hate but the rap god is back and he's here to stay.

If you're GANZI enough, go and post a comment on your preferred version of "So Ganzi" on Youtube to help this new rap anthem get the recognition it deserves. Be sure to add words like "SWAG", "BOSS" and "GANGSTA" in your comment to really get him noticed and respected by the hep-hop community. The world will never know what hit it. 

P.S. Just trolling with love. Do your thing, man.

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  1. I love this man something fierce, but when I found he rapped...I felt a cringe in my soul. LOL He should just stick with acting.

    1. Well, he is a strange man in real life (have you seen how he dresses up for events? xD), so his rapping career kinda makes sense. Definitely not what you'd expect, though, when you've only seen him in dramas.


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