Scholar Who Walks the Night Reveals Official Posters [UPDATED with a Second Teaser!]

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gorgeous character stills yesterday, pretty posters today - can we hope for an awesome trailer tomorrow? Who knows.

But indeed, MBC has revealed the official posters for Scholar Who Walks the Night. Although I find character stills to be more beautiful, I do like that we are granted not one or two, but four new posters. 
I personally like the OTP poster the most, even if it's a pretty generic pose for our leading couple. I just think both Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi look absolutely lovely there. Of course then there is the one where Lee Jun Ki "walks the night", which in itself is a good concept but I feel like there's a bit too much going on in the background with all those birds, fireflies and that huge ass moon. You know, less is more kind of thing. The remaining two posters are nice, but more like an extra treat to spoil us more before the premiere.

So until we get a new trailer, let us enjoy the pretty in picture form.

[UPDATED: Second teaser trailer below]

Via Voice of the People and MBCdrama Youtube channel

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