Top 7 K-drama Kisses Initiated by the Ladies

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A kiss is the highlight in a K-drama romance. It is the moment we all anticipate for it gives us the needed confirmation that our main couple really fancies each other. 

But interestingly enough, a large majority of K-drama kisses are initiated by the guys, sometimes forcefully (not cool), which often results in pretty lame wide-eyed closed-mouth lip touches because the girl is "so surprised" that she turns into a stone statue. Meanwhile ladies rarely get a chance to smooch their leading men first, and I wonder why so when such kisses can often be just as romantic and passionate, if not even more. 

So in this following list, I shall count down my personal favourite K-drama kisses that are initiated by the ladies. Because girls have needs, too. 

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

My Name is Kim Sam Soon is a drama that defies conventions in many ways, most importantly however in terms of its straightforward female lead who doesn't play coy. This might perhaps be one of the first real kisses in a K-drama that is earnestly initiated by the female lead. In the scene, Sam Soon has a very hot and heavy moment with Jin Heon where he closes in for a kiss, but she's not sure whether he's playing with her or not and instead of waiting to find out, she makes her move first. And then she follows that up with a longer kiss and really means it.

Coffee House

I've sang my praises to Coffee House many times before, so forgive me if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Nevertheless, this drama well deserves it's place in this list for it still has one of my favourite all time K-drama kisses. This particular one is one that you don't see coming as thus far Jin Soo and Eun Young have only been friends. But it's a kiss that immediately sweeps you off your feet because, although it comes unplanned for both parties, the pairing gets really into it in no time. Another thing to note is the romantic setting in the rain that provides a perfect backdrop for the whole scene.

Queen In Hyun's Man

Perhaps not the most impressive kiss in comparison to others in this list, but one that deserves a good mention because of a refreshingly forward female lead who acts upon her attraction. As the mysterious time-traveller Boong Do is preparing to depart, Hee Jin realizes that this is the goodbye and impulsively grabs him for a kiss. Because you can't just let a hot Joseon scholar leave without some lip action, right? Also worth mentioning is that the kiss takes place already in the 4th episode.

Surplus Princess

Speaking of kisses that come really early on in the series...Surplus Princess sure knew how to play against expectation by not only giving us a perverted mermaid as a female lead but also letting her have an underwater make-out session with the second male lead in the very first episode. As a cherry on the top, there's some butt-grabbing involved as well. You can't say that Song Jae Rim came out from this project empty-handed.

Witch's Romance

Yet another kiss that happens really early on (episode 2!) and yet it's not even the first kiss in the series. The scene unfolds after Ji Yeon's had quite a few drinks already but insists on Dong Ha to come up to her apartment for one last beer. As she opens a can of beer, foam spills over and both of them try to salvage it, their lips only inches from each other. Suddenly, Ji Yeon gets a flirty look in her eyes and poor Dong Ha cannot resist. Soon they're rolling on the bed, smooching like there's no tomorrow. Yes, this is why we love cable. 


This kiss takes place at a very emotional part in the series, making it very meaningful for the characters. In this scene, mourning Jung Hoo tries to do the (stupid) noble thing and drive Young Shin away, but thankfully she is no fool and tries to comfort him as she pulls him into a hug. As his defences finally come crumbling down, she kisses him, both as a confirmation of her feelings for him and as a way of letting him know that she's there for him and that he can lean on her. It's also a moment packed with different non-romantic emotions such as grief, making it more than just a simple kiss. 

My Princess

Although this kiss starts with the guy, it doesn't count because let's be honest, his kiss kinda sucks. The scene takes place at the very end of the series and is a great way to wrap up a romantic comedy. After an emotional parting the previous night, Hae Young boards the plane but finds Seol sitting right next to him. Happily reunited, he gives her a little peck on the lips, thinking he's so cheeky and flirty, while she's like "you kidding me?" and goes in for a full on make-out session that totally catches him off guard. It's both humorous and hot.

That's it for the list. If you recall kisses that you think also belong in this list, please share them in the comments below. I'm curious to know which I might have missed.

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  1. Great post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I haven't seen "My Princess", "Surplus Princess", or "Coffee House" actually, but of course, these give great incentives to watch ;P I am all for Kdrama where both parties are really into the idea of kissing. None of us really enjoys watching those terrible frozen statue lip presses. Way to go ladies for taking the initiative!

    1. Indeed, those lip presses must go. Whoever started that trend needs a good kicking.

      I do recomment Coffee House, if I haven't already (probably have, lol). My Princess is cute fluff, but not very memorable. Surplus Princess is very funny, but so little plot depth.

    2. Seriously. Perhaps we can make this a slogan? "Lip presses must go!" haha. I would like to watch Coffee House sometime and Surplus Princess (mostly because of SJR) haha.

    3. I approve the slogan idea! :D

    4. Haha. We should get it patented.

  2. I haven't seen all of the above but for sure My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Healer would be on my list. I did watch Queen In Hyun's man but the kiss scene escapes me at this moment. You are right that the kiss is such a highlight moment worth waiting for in kdramas! Thanks for the post!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

      That kiss in Queen In Hyun's Man was probably overshadowed by the swoony tip-toe kiss later on in the series, but I liked that the first kiss was initated by Hee Jin and there was no beating around the push when it came to her attraction towards him.


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