Teasers and Posters for the Highly Anticipated The Time I Loved You

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The airing date for one of the most anticipated summer dramas The Time I Loved You is fast approaching and the amount of promotional photos, teasers and posters we've been getting these past few weeks has been rather overwhelming. But who's complaining?

The Time I Loved You is the Korean remake of the widely-loved Taiwanese drama series In Time With You that starred Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. The wonderfully directed and acted series depicted the friendship and romantic attraction between two long-time friends who reach their thirties and begin to realize their feelings for each other. The drama became hugely popular and deservedly so as it beautifully captured the wistful longing for love and the fear over growing old and ending up alone. It is, in fact, still my favourite Taiwanese drama to date.

The Korean version secured many viewers' interest in the remake as soon as it cast Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook as the leads, both of whom seem perfect for their respective roles. The general premise of the drama is the same as in the original, but I'm sure we can expect lots of smaller changes. 

The heroine Jang Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) is a defiant and opinionated career woman that works for a shoe company. Her best friend of 17 years Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook), who's  an employee at an airline company, is more grounded and realistic, though also a bit cynical. They share a bickering friendship which they begin to re-evaluate when Won gets a younger girlfriend Lee So Eun (Chu Soo Hyun) and Ha Na's ex-boyfriend Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyun Sang) returns to her life. 

Ignoring that shamelessly plagiarized initial teaser (when will you learn, guys?), the first two official teaser trailers reveal very little about the characters, showing random scenes of Ha Na impatiently waiting besides someone's door and Won playing basketball alone at night. The next two teasers are a lot more interesting and give us a quick rundown of Ha Na's and Won's friendship over the years, revealing their high school rivalry and the playful but supportive bond in the present day. We also get a glimpse of possible love interests, a bunch of familiar faces (in the courtesy of Pinocchio because the director is the same) and a cameo from Infinite's L in the role of Ha Na's workplace crush.

In addition, we have three gorgeous posters for the drama and I have a hard time picking out my favourite, though the close-up shot is probably the most romantic. The one with the leads staring out of the window reminds me of I Need Romance 2 a bit because, as I recall, the leads lived next door to each other in that, as well as the fact that Lee Jin Wook is the best friend/romantic interest in both. But I hope those are the only similarities between the two dramas as I'm not a fan of INR-series.

My expectations for The Time I Loved You are cautiously high, meaning that the promo material looks good and I am pleased with the cast and drama crew, while at the same time that all can be deceptive if writing is not up to par. On the one hand, I cannot wait for the drama to air, yet on the other I do have many concerns about how it's gonna turn out. I don't want it to be a watered down version of the Taiwanese original, but I want it to have it's own flair. Then again, I hope it's not just a typical K-drama romcom and that it's able to capture at least some of the sentimental thoughtfulness of the original. 

When it comes to the leads, I have a feeling Lee Jin Wook's gonna kill it. He can do heart-wrenching longing so well and he's the closest thing we can get to Bolin Chen in Korean form. However, I suddenly feel slightly worried about Ha Ji Won's portrayal of our opinionated and strong-willed heroine. Looks-wise, she's absolutely perfect but I detect too much aegyo. Ariel Lin's portrayal had a touch of sass and bitchiness that I liked and I wish it wouldn't get lost in the remake in an attempt to make it more palatable for Korean viewer. But I suppose it's too soon to say if that's the case.

Should my expectations come crashing down, well...I guess I still have the original to watch and nobody can ruin that for me. 

The Time I Loved You airs on June 27th, taking over the SBS Saturday & Sunday time slot that's currently occupied by Divorce Lawyer in Love.

Via official site and Koreandrama.org

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