Oh My Ghost Teases the Hell Out of Us

Sunday, June 21, 2015

After securing itself the most perfect cast I could ever ask for, the upcoming tvN romcom Oh My Ghost continues to be a drama that I cannot wait to watch after relasing a bunch of teasers and a quirky poster to boot.

The drama revolves around a timid and shy Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), who works as a sous chef and harbours a secret crush on the star chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Bong Sun hides an even bigger secret as she has the ability to see ghosts, a gift inherited from her shaman grandmother. One day, she gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost Shin Soo Ae (played by the ever-so-awesome Kim Seul Gi), who wants to make up for her lacking romantic encounters when she was alive by seducing as many men as possible in her afterlife. Surely enough, this results in amusing hijinks and eventually a real romance when Sun Woo finally takes notice of the dramatically changed Bong Sun. 

Also joining the three main leads are Im Joo Hwan (love) and Kwak Si Yang (also love), as well as Park Jung Ah who plays Sun Woo's ex-girlfriend who we are, in all likelihood, probably going to hate. 

The teasers are...well, teasers. They're mostly just pretty basic concept teasers that don't show any actual scenes from the drama, but a few observations can be made nevertheless. Firstly, Kim Seul Gi continues to be a scene-stealer. Secondly, Park Bo Young is so adorable. And thirdly, Jo Jung Suk's going to be the target for a lot of (wo)manhandling.

The poster takes a pretty literal approach to the drama's premise, but the cast sells it and Jo Jung Suk looks hilariously annoyed with being seduced, which is something I could watch all day every day. 

At this point, I feel like it's too late to not get my hopes up for Oh My Ghost, especially since they shot sky-high as soon as the leads were announced. I'm so predictable. But if dramagods are listening right now, then please, pretty please make this series watchable. Though, honestly, the writer would have to be the biggest screw-up in the world if they manage to ruin a drama with such a wonderful cast as this. 

Oh My Ghost will premiere on July 3rd and takes over tvN's Friday & Saturday time slot that is currently occupied by Ex-Girlfriend Club.

Via Koreandrama.org and the official site.

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