TvN Drops a New Trailer for Ex-Girlfriend Club

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TvN has finally released a new trailer that shows actual scenes from the upcoming Ex-Girlfriend Club

The drama is centred around a webtoonist Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han) who writes about his crazy past relationships. Myung Soo's webtoon becomes so popular that it's made into a movie and he meets producer Kim Soo Jin (Song Jin Hyo) whom he also dates. But things go awry for him when his ex-girlfriends show up and confront him about the webtoon.

While the previous teasers have been cute and quirky, they didn't give us much insight into character relationships, other than showing Byun Yo Han being chased or attacked by his many ex-girlfriends. The new trailer reveals a little more about our main couple and their history together, showing us scenes from the happy dating times to the present where Soo Jin is shocked to meet all his ex-girlfriends. It definitely seems like Myung Soo hasn't been very honest about his past and Soo Jin gives him a beating for it.

But even with this new trailer, I'm still a little bit confused about the general timeline of things. Have Soo Jin and Myung Soo broken up or are they together at the start of the drama? Or did they even officially date because in a previous teaser Myung Soo describes Soo Jin as a friend? 

In any case, I feel like Myung Soo will be getting a well-deserved lesson about washing your dirty relationship laundry in public. While his ex-girlfriends don't seem particularly sane, it's still kinda assy to kiss and tell. But I mostly just want to see lots of groveling from him because Soo Jin looks pretty pissed about the whole situation.

Ex-Girlfriend Club is set to air on May 8th, taking over the Friday-Saturday time slot currently occupied by Super Daddy Yeol.

Watch previous teasers: teaser 1, teaser 2 and teaser 3.

Via tvN DRAMA and official site.

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