Drama Year 2014: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda [Year-End Review]

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Whenever another year ends and a new one begins, I start to count all the things I coulda, woulda or shoulda achieved in a year, but didn't. I mean, who doesn't?

But as a drama blogger, this is especially true when you look at the list of dramas you watched in a year, and realize that you coulda, woulda, shoulda watched more because you need to put out an all-encompassing year-end review for your blog readers. 

Well, fail. This year I completed only 8 dramas. 


Now I know what you're thinking. How does she have the guts to call herself a drama fan and a drama blogger if she watches so few dramas in an entire year? How dare she? And I get it, you're totally right and I wonder about it myself. But at the end of the day, I still focus on watching what I enjoy and oftentimes my enjoyment of a show doesn't last that long. Sometimes I love a drama for just a few first episodes or other times about til half-way, but then I forget about it and move on to new dramas. I'm simply kinda fickle like that. 

But in my defence, there were A LOT of dramas this year. I feel like there were more dramas this year than ever before, which probably isn't true but it sure felt like it. My mind was all over the place and I kept jumping from one show to another because there was so much I wanted to see. Honestly, I felt like a little kid at a candy store.  

Now I don't know how other people saw this passing drama year, but I personally felt that 2014 was a more generous year than the year before. I feel like I had a lot of good times with dramas that I watched and I even had an addition to my all-time-favourites list. That's a pretty good result, is it not?  

So here I am, briefly reviewing all the dramas I watched (well, more or less), completed and non-completed, in 2014 in one lengthy post that no-one really reads. 

Like any other year, some of dramas were unexpectedly good, others were disappointingly crappy, and the rest...well, they coulda, woulda, shoulda been better. 


Let's Eat

Let's Eat was a pleasant surprise. It came out of nowhere and it was mostly by chance that I even started watching it, but in the end it was one of the shows I ended up enjoying the most in 2014. It was witty, heartfelt and even a little inspiring.

With a simple premise and a lot of product placement, the drama still managed to be a lot more fulfilling than one would think. After all, the main mystery fell a bit short in execution and resolution, while all the food porn became increasingly more tedious to watch over time. Not to mention, the murder mystery and PPL didn't always mix too well when it came to changes in mood and tone. 

However, the overall charm of the show smoothed over the wonky transitions and made the little flaws in writing much easier to digest. The main themes - human connection and loneliness - were incorporated into the story in a poignant and unexpectedly realistic manner, making the personal journeys of the characters and the forming friendships truly heartwarming. But above all, it was the quirky characters and funny performances that were the main source for the show's winning charm, as well as the biggest reason why I so easily fell in love with the drama. 

So even with some missteps, I fully enjoyed watching it. And most importantly, Let's Eat stayed sweet and pleasant until the end, which is more than I can say about some of the other dramas in this post.

Man from Another Star

Man From Another Star is another of those super popular dramas that everyone seems to adore except me. I've found myself in the same position quite a lot in the past where I'm the only one who doesn't get it. It sucks. 

Logically, I can understand why the show appealed to so many because epic fantasy romances about fated lovers never get old. It's exactly the kind of love story that stirs emotions and evokes bigger reactions from people. Although, in this case, the drama was mostly elevated by it's leading couple who, I admit, was pretty together but whose chemistry never fully persuaded me. I did follow the romance with moderate interest at first, but near the end I grew tired of hearing goodbye speeches that attempted to convince me that the OTP wasn't going to get its happy ending. 

Speaking about that ending. I think the way the series wrapped up, confirmed a lot flaws in the writing department. The deus ex machina solution was a glaring mistake, but so was the fact that the alien theme was nothing more than a gimmick. I wish Min Joon's origin and abilities were explained more in detail, especially since there was more than enough time to do so, considering that the story dragged needlessly in the latter half. 

I still found the drama worth watching, if mostly because of Jeon Ji Hyun's brilliant comedic performance as the iconic Song Yi. My overall experience was still kinda underwhelming, but occasionally I had genuine fun. Maybe that's enough.

Plus Nine Boys

I'd hate to start out with the negative but let's just get this over with. To me, Plus Nine Boys failed in two things: humour and pace. 

Firstly, I was disappointed that the drama didn't really make use of it's premise of four unlucky guys. You see, I've come to expect quirkiness and comedy from tvN dramas the way I expect dark crime shows from OCN channel. So when realized that the show wasn't going to be as funny as was advertised, I felt slightly cheated. The thoughtful tone of the drama isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I usually tend to enjoy dramas with a more contemplative mood, but this time round, it didn't really work as I was expecting something a bit more lively and whimsical. 

Secondly, the slow moody pace kinda gradually killed my excitement and made some parts rather tedious to watch. Which is why I'm glad that the drama ended with only 14 episodes, because I started to lose my focus a lot near the end.

That all being said, I did enjoy the drama. Despite having a little higher hopes for the show than what was delivered in the end, I do think Plus Nine Boys is among the better shows this year. It has it's charm and, for a change, it's nice to have a story that's told almost completely from the male perspective. The romances are sweet, the cast is likable and the music is lovely. Sure I have things to complain about, but overall I'm glad I watched it.

Surplus Princess

When I was little, Disney's The Little Mermaid was my favourite movie. It's just a random fact that doesn't really have much to do with Surplus Princess as I never really intended to watch the show because of my childhood mermaid-obsession. In fact, the promotional material and the general premise made me expect something absolutely nuts. Now that I think about it, I wasn't that wrong.

Where I was wrong, however, was that I would love the craziness of this drama. Pervert mermaid with an obsession with apple butts - this is exactly how you do wacky comedy. Add lots of parodies and funny references and you've got a winner. Indeed, the silly humor is, without a doubt, the best part of the show and the reason why I look back on the drama with good feelings.

Unfortunately, humor alone doesn't make a drama. And as much as I liked the oddball characters and their oddball ways, they lacked any depth and development. This was especially evident with our heroine who came across shallow and...well, pretty dumb. I loved her comical side, but I kept wishing she had something more to her than just a perverted mind. 

The plot was another problem for me. Not so much the rushed ending (which I already expected after the episode cut), but rather the lack of focus. The plot kept meandering onto the work drama territory with the characters wanting to find employment. To me, this was weird because we were supposed to follow the mermaid on her quest to find true love, not a job. Had it been another drama, maybe that wouldn't have been an issue.

So, while I had a lot of good laughs with Surplus Princess, it didn't leave a lasting impression on me. I do see Jo Bo Ah as a more capable actress after this and I'll always think of Song Jae Rim whenever I eat an apple.

Emergency Couple

Honestly, the only reason I started watching Emergency Couple was because it had Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo as leads. It was also the only reason I chewed through this drama and completed it. 

I'm not a fan of medical dramas and also not a fan of workplace dramas. Emergency Couple was kinda both, while also wanting to be a cute romcom about a divorced couple who find themselves interning at the same hospital and fall in love with each other all over again. Unfortunately, I never completely understood what the drama was actually going for as it really wasn't funny or romantic enough to be a cute romcom, nor that serious enough to be a legit medical drama. I wish it had settled on one genre instead of ending up as a tonally inconsistent medical melodramedy of sorts. 

And as much as I rooted for our leading couple, I often felt like the writer kept bringing up reasons why they shouldn't be together, which kinda contradicted the whole point of this drama. I was trying to enjoy the OTP, but it was hard to do that when, for the majority of the drama, the main couple were never on the same page and instead the female lead was crushing on the second lead. It was frustrating to me.  

But I suppose, the drama wasn't all that bad. There were some moving moments scattered throughout and I more-or-less liked the supporting characters (particularly Ji Hye). And after some decent character growth, the OTP did get together in the end. But I just wish the rest of it had been worth my time. 

It's Okay, It's Love

I'm still struggling to find the right words to describe how I feel about It's Okay, It's Love. It's difficult because this drama was uneven in the sense that when it was good, it was absolutely compelling and overwhelmingly touching, but when it wasn't, it was kinda draggy and even a little annoying. Yet, I still think it was among the shows that I really enjoyed.

However, my main gripe about this show was the OTP. I mean, the romantic chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung was superb and their characters really did have a lovely dynamic, BUT after they got together (which happened already in episode 6 or something), the plot became extremely focused on the relationship issues. And let me just say that the OTP's stupid fights weren't fun to watch, like at all. I literally felt stressed out by them and kept wishing that the drama wasn't trying to kill time until we got to the major revelations and started dealing with the main conflict of the story.

But I'm glad that the drama was essentially about Jae Yeol, because he's the one I watched this drama for. I didn't realize how much I loved his character at first, but once we started to put together Jae Yeol's past piece by piece, I whole-heartedly began rooting for the guy. I really loved how his character and story came together by the end, even if it wasn't always medically accurate or entirely logical. Of course, most of all, I was completely taken in by Jo In Sung's acting, which was pitch-perfect, particularly near the end.

My one last issue was with the finale, which was the weakest episode of the entire show, in my opinion (though I'm sure no-one agrees). Nevertheless, I do have to give the drama credit for getting me emotional and making me shed a tear or two in the last episodes. And for that, IOIL definitely stands out to me in the bunch.  
Witch's Romance

Park Seo Joon. If you ever need an excuse to watch Witch's Romance, it's Park Seo Joon. When it comes to the rest of the drama, I have considerably less nice things to say as I felt that only half of the drama was worth watching.

You see, Witch's Romance starts out on a really fun and sexy note with plenty of romantic hijinks to go around. In fact, the overall vibe is fairly reminiscent of the I Need Romance series, minus the emphasis of wanting to be the Korean version of Sex and the City. Granted, the story doesn't show much depth from the very beginning, but the main couple's sizzling chemistry keeps things afloat. Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa do a really good job at selling the noona-romance as they genuinely look attracted to each other, despite the sizable age difference (he's 26, she's 43). Besides, the couple's relationship has a nice trajectory that goes from attraction to friendship to love in a believable manner.

But with the appearance of second male lead, who's both incredibly annoying and obnoxiously bland, the drama begins a steady decline into exhausting misery. I could have even dealt with the angst if it weren't for the fact that it drags down the characters along with it, most notably our female lead. Ji Yeon, who was straightforward and opinionated at first, loses her sassy confidence and gets sucked into the black hole that is her ex-fiance Shi Hoon for a good part of the series. When the drama finally starts to pick up, the damage is already done and it isn't enough to restore the former vibe. 

In the end, Witch's Romance delivers only half-way. But I take what I can get and, in this case, what I got was Park Seo Joon


Misaeng was literally everything that I did not expect or even dare to hope from a workplace drama. A rare occurrence where a show is consistently good all throughout, without losing quality, plot focus or emotional weight. 

What surprises me the most is that it was never dull to watch, despite having a generally uneventful and slow-paced plot. Yet it makes perfect sense because it's the engaging characters who make the story. At the core of everything there's obviously Geu Rae, who reminds us the underdog in all of us. We just need to see him succeed and prove, for all of us who've ever felt similarly, that everybody can find a place where they belong. 

But Geu Rae wouldn't have been the Geu Rae we loved without Im Shi Wan's heartfelt performance. Though, with such an amazing cast behind all characters, it's hard to single out only one favourite. Everybody is wonderful in their roles and, more than once, you end up liking characters that you initially despised. Nonetheless, I'm fairly certain that Lee Sung Min's Chief Oh will remain as one of the most memorable performances for many of us. He is more than amazing in the role and while I did not expect any less from him, I'm still at awe. 

On a technical level, Misaeng is just as well-crafted. From cinematography to music, everything falls to place just the way it should. I could give endless praise to the director Kim Won Suk, whose ability to visualize scenes has been striking already in his previous works (Monstar, Cinderella's Sister). But now that he got to work with an equally talented crew, the result is all the more impressive. 

I could continue rambling away about everything I loved, but I would rather save it for the actual review. As a final thought, however, let me just point out how unlike me it is that out of all dramas that aired this year, it was the office drama that blew me away.


My Lovely Girl (Episodes 1-9)

Possibly the least interesting drama I watched this year. Pretty, but awfully dull. There were many things that didn't work in My Lovely Girl but, above all, it was so underwhelming and unmemorable that I find it hard to even write how I feel about it because mostly I felt nothing at all. 

I was never a fan of the "falling in love with dead girlfriend's sister"-plot, but the non-existent chemistry between Krystal and Rain was the deal-breaker. It was also painfully evident that Krystal wasn't ready to carry a leading role. That being said, even Rain couldn't put much life into his performance because his character just as dully written as Krystal's. The same goes for almost everyone else in the drama, for that matter. 

Perhaps the only thing I had interest in was Shi Woo, although L's performance wasn't anything to write home about either. But there was subtle loneliness about him that made me want to root for him over anyone else. Nevertheless, it still wasn't enough to make me wanna sit through the whole show.

While I wouldn't categorize the drama as outright bad (tho, maybe it was as I never completed it), I would say it's boring. And boring can oftentimes be even worse than bad, so there's that.

Hi! School - Love On (Episodes 1-8)

The funny thing with Hi! School - Love On is how it became from a show that I never wanted to watch, to a show that I found endlessly sweet and adorable, and eventually to show that I couldn't really care less about when more interesting dramas came along. It's not even the drama's fault, at least not completely. 

The show aired once a week and that made it easy to forget that I was supposed to be watching it. Besides, among dramas that had more adult-appeal and depth than this fluffy teen romance, it really didn't stand a chance in the long run. Truth be told, I'm getting too old to find cutesy teen romances as compelling as before. Unless they're told with poignancy and relatable emotion, I'm quick to zone out. Combine that with a weak story and inexperienced cast, and that's already enough to prove my point.

Perhaps if the length had been shorter and the plot tighter, I might have continued watching. But as it is now, I don't feel interested nor motivated enough to get through another 10 episodes.

My Secret Hotel (Episodes 1-8)

ARGH! Here it is, my disappointment of the year - My Secret Hotel

I am both extremely annoyed and utterly clueless as to how the writer managed to fuck this drama up so royally. Like, here you have drama with a simple premise of getting ex-lovers back together - why was it so hard to do just that? Why drag out the narrative and force us to watch a painfully aggravating love triangle where people keep denying their feelings for no other reason than...I dunno, ensuring that they are all unhappy and miserable together? 

This is like Mi Rae's Choice all over again. In theory, both dramas have such easy and fun concepts yet, for some reason, the execution is terrible. Neither drama gets from point A to point B, without ruining everything you loved about the show along the way. It makes me frustrated because I know both shows could have been awesome with capable writers. 

The one thing I take away from this drama is the fact that Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han were in a drama together and they were beautiful together, until everything went to shit. I'm out.

Prime Minister and I (Episodes 1-7)

I don't anyone really knows this, but there was a time when I didn't like Lee Bum Soo at all. And if I'm gonna be brutally honest, it was purely based on the fact that I just didn't like his face. Stupid, I know. Of course, today I regret ever thinking that and I no longer have such thoughts about him nor his face. 

You might wonder why I'm even mentioning all that, but that's because I have very little to say about the drama itself. Oddly, I don't remember much about it. It was pretty adorable and entertaining at first, but I never got entirely invested in it. When I heard people getting increasingly disappointed with the story, I dropped the show and never looked back. I guess, it was better to move on other things than to let the disappointment get to me.

The good thing is, I do see Yoona in another light now. She's never been particularly appealing to me, neither as an actress nor as an idol, but now I find her quite charming in her own way. On the downside, though, I feel bad for Lee Bum Soo who hasn't had a decent drama since History of the Salaryman. Poor guy just can't seem to catch a break. 

Joseon Gunman (Episodes 1-7)

Joseon Gunman was supposed to be my replacement drama for The Princess' Man (because of all that Park Shi Hoo ugliness). But it wasn't. To put it shortly, it lacked the grandeur and excitement that I was hoping for, especially after the beautiful promotional posters that promised more of...I dunno, everything.

don't have anything overly specific to complain about as I just felt generally let down by my own expectations of the show. But out of the few things that bothered me, probably my (perhaps unreasonable) dislike of Nam Sang Mi's performance was what eventually made me drop the show. Her line delivery and aegyo act took me out of the moment and, in result, I was completely unpersuaded by her as a woman of the joseon age.

With a dislike for the heroine, it's no shocker that the romance fell flat for me as well. In fact, my favourite relationship in the show was the villain father-daughter duo, Won Shin and Hye Won, whom I felt like rooting more for than the heroes. 

Yet, despite my personal issues with the show, I genuinely believe it has an audience that loves it a lot. I simply wasn't among those people. 


Bad Guys (Episodes 1-7)

Bad Guys is at the top of my list of dramas to complete. I was going to complete it before posting this review, but due to slow download speed of some of the episodes, I simply couldn't manage to do it. For what it's worth, I can already say that it was the most stylish show of the year. 

The drama is dark, violent and endlessly badass, a combination that doesn't come along very often in dramaland. I can't say I'm a big fan of crime shows, because I'm obviously not, but thankfully the main focus isn't on the crime-solving aspect as much as it is on the characters and the mystery surrounding them. I do have a few complaints, which other viewers might not agree with, but I'm rather gonna voice them in the drama's review when I've finally completed the series

So far, Bad Guys has been very impressive visually and technically, but I'm hoping it's going to deliver story-wise as well. I can't count on it being a very emotional experience, since it's not really that sort of drama, but if I could wish for something it would be interesting plot twists and more bromantic teamwork. I think I'd be very happy with that.

High School King of Savvy (Episodes 1-6)

High School King of Savvy is a personal challenge. I'm putting my love for Seo In Guk to the test and try to complete the drama, despite the fact that I absolutely cannot stand the female lead.

In this case, I can not decide what I despise more: the character of Soo Young or Lee Ha Na's acting. Most likely, it's the combination of both. Soo Young's character is embarrassing to watch on her own as she completely lacks common sense and the ability act like a normally functioning adult. But when you add Lee Ha Na's over-exaggerated facial expressions and weird mannerisms, the result is almost offensively off-putting. At least, it is for me.  

Then again, this is obviously Seo In Guk's show through and through. His comedic yet heartfelt performance as a high school kid with a double life is nearly genius. Besides, I'd hate it if a drama that is so hilariously quirky would go to waste because of one single character. 

Pinocchio (Episodes 1-10)

I like Pinocchio. It's charming and with a main couple as adorable as Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, it's not hard to enjoy watching it. But I'm also a little worried about the drama. Having reached the half-point, I'm not all too sure whether there is enough story left. 

Truth be told, the story has been rather simplistic from the start, with a lot of emphasis on the emotional but too little on the logical. It hasn't bothered me until now because things have been moving along at a nice pace. However, now that the main couple is happily dating and the big secrets are coming out, I'm growing more concerned. Even if the show's planning to bring in noble idiocy and/or misunderstandings to break up the couple again, I can't see it being enough to keep tension in the narrative for another 10 episodes. As much as I like the OTP, sadly, a lack of conflict can kill my interest quickly.

I certainly won't be quitting the drama yet as I'm still curious to see the aftermath of the latest revelations, but I wonder what else is there to look forward to. Is it naive to hope that the drama has a few aces up in its sleeve?

You're All Surrounded (Episodes 1-14)

You're All Surrounded was one of the dramas I considered dropping already after the first episode because I deemed it too silly for my taste. It was only my loyalty to Lee Seung Gi that made me pick it up again out of sheer hope that I might start to like it over time. Against all expectations, that was exactly what happened - I grew fond of it.

The thing is, once you let go of the expectation of getting anything complex or meaningful out of the experience, then it becomes surprisingly easy to like the show for what it is, rather than be disappointed for what it's not. The drama has good laughs, endearing characters and an uplifting story about rookie cops who solve cases together and become good friends in the process. Sometimes that's all you need for an enjoyable experience.

So although the drama doesn't make full use of it's star-studded cast (which is a shame) and the writing is overly simplistic, the good has so far outweighed the bad for me. Besides, the anticipation of some Cha Seung Won-Lee Seung Gi bromance is enough to make me stick around. Can you blame me?

Fated to Love You (Episodes 1-9)

It's highly likely that me and Fated to Love You were never fated to be. From the moment they cast Choi Jin Hyuk as the second lead, I knew I'd be in trouble. But it wasn't until the popularity and the overwhelming hype started interfering with my personal enjoyment of the series that I realized the drama won't ever fully engage me.

Personal feelings aside, I can tell that the drama offers a satisfying trajectory of the main couple's relationship. Even as I'm rooting for the couple with a sense of emotional detachment, I like the way the characters of Mi Young and Gun are depicted in the Korean version. Despite having a rocky start to their acquaintance, Mi Young and Gun have a lovely friendly dynamic that slowly but surely develops into romantic attraction, and I really like that. The acting performances by both Jangs are also full of emotion and charisma and little nuances, so I see myself completing the drama for that alone. 

Overall, my attitude towards Fated to Love You is similar to how I reacted to Man From Another Star. In that I can see why viewers are adoring it, but I cannot feel the same kind of enjoyment myself. You can't win 'em all, eh?

Pride and Prejudice (Episodes 1-5)

It's no secret that I'm watching Pride and Prejudice for my leading man Choi Jin Hyuk only. Since he's the lead, I feel obligated to at least give it a shot, although I'd rather if this was a drama that I could see myself really getting into. As far as the law genre goes, let's just say that unless it's presented in a way that doesn't drag down the rest of the plot, it does very little for me. Still, even a law drama is better than yet another second lead role.

The drama itself isn't that bad actually. The first episodes made a pretty good impression me with moderately interesting cases and characters with interesting backgrounds. But as the new drama excitement wears off, I'm forced to admit that I still don't enjoy it as much as I should. While there isn't anything particular to complain about, there isn't much about it that would make me look forward to the next episode. 

I don't think I'll give up on the series quite yet as there are a few story arcs that I'm curious about at the moment. I can't promise a long-term commitment, though.

In a Good Way (Episodes 1-11)

Okay, In a Good Way doesn't quite belong in this section. I'm preeeeetty sure I've decided to drop it, but since I don't want to acknowledge it, I'm putting it here and pretending like I'm going to complete it eventually. 

There's only one reason why I didn't complete this show and it's the same reason that I have with most Taiwanese dramas - it's too long and draggy. 26 episodes is already a big stretch, but if you add the fact that each episode is one and a half hour long, completing it becomes a chore. Which makes me kinda ashamed because I did like this drama. The 90's nostalgia, the cute romance, the heartwarming friendships - just to name a few of the good things that I realize I'm leaving behind by dropping the show. It's also one of the best Taiwanese dramas I've seen since In Time With You, which already says a lot.

Nevertheless, I don't expect I'll reconsider my choice to drop it anytime soon. I'll put it on indefinite hold, like I do with many dramas that "were good, but weren't good enough". Maybe someday...and with the help of the fast-forward button.


Liar Game (Episodes 1-3)

Let me just say that I really-really want to complete Liar Game. It's something different from what I'd usually watch and it's in the perfect length to fit nicely into my drama-watching schedule. The reason why I haven't already done so is because I haven't truly gotten into it yet. The best way to put it is that there are a lot of things I like, but there are not many things that I love about it. I'm hoping I'll grow more interested along the way as everybody seemed to love the series a lot.

God's Gift - 14 Days (Episode 1-2) 

Loved the first two episodes. Lee Bo Young's performance was downright amazing and I was ready to marathon the drama later. But then I heard people raging about the ending and I just saw no point in watching the drama anymore. A real shame, it truly seemed a like a show with lots of potential.

I Need Romance 3 (Episode 1)

I'm not sure why I Need Romance series is almost a total fail for me, but it is. I couldn't stand the female lead in the first season, found Yeol Mae in second season absolutely aggravating and thought she should have chosen the second male lead in the end, and couldn't get past episode 1 of the third season (despite loving both Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon). 

On second thought, I do know why. It seems that I always have an issue with the female lead in each season. I don't if it's the way their characters are written or if it's the way they are portrayed, but I just cannot relate to them. On paper, I should love INR series, but the execution always disappoints me. In season 3's defence, however, I really didn't give it much of a chance. 

Discovery of Romance (Episode 1)

I feel like Discovery of Romance is just a spin-off of INR, which explains why I couldn't get into it. Jung Yu Mi gave me immediate flashbacks of Yeol Mae from INR2 and I thought I couldn't sit around to see if she's as annoying as she was in INR2. Eric was lovely, though. 

Miss Korea (Episodes 1-2) 

Miss Korea is probably the only drama in this section that I fully intend to complete. I really enjoyed the two first episodes of the drama and I was going to keep watching it, I just never found the right time for it. But since I've only heard good about it, I am determined to get back to it it sometime soon (or later).

Cunning Single Lady (Episode 1)

Tried watching Cunning Single Lady in a momentary Jo Sang Wook-madness, but didn't get further than episode 1 that day. I might give it another chance some other time as I've heard Jo Sang Wook's awfully funny in this one. Besides, it has generally gotten better feedback from drama fans than Birth of a Beauty.

Blade Man (Episode 1)

I tried watching Blade Man and while I found it, surprisingly, a lot better than I expected, it was still too weird for my taste. I considered picking it up again when I heard that people were actually loving it, but then it got bad really fast and I buried that thought immediately. At least, there was one good thing that came out of it - I don't seem to dislike Shin Se Kyung that much anymore. Sadly, the same can't be said for Lee Dong Wook's tragic over-acting.

The Birth of a Beauty (Episodes 1-4)

How I wish Birth of a Beauty had been better because I really did like the OTP a lot at first. And Jo Sang Wook, he was so handsome in this. Unfortunately, there was no subtlety in this show. Everything got super dramatic and over-exaggerated real fast, though luckily I got out before the drama got even weirder (I know. I've read the recaps). I just want to know why they had to drag Jo Sang Wook down with this. Have you people got no shame?

Marriage not Dating (Episodes 1-3)

I bet you're all surprised that I wasn't all over Marriage Not Dating show like everyone else. To be honest, I'm a little surprised myself. I loved all the teasers that I saw and I liked the cast as well. But even though it sounded and looked good, something didn't click right with me. I do feel like I should give it another chance because maybe I didn't choose the right time to watch it but...eh, I dunno.

Secret Love Affair (Episode 1)

The first episode was as good as I expected, but Secret Love Affair is clearly among those shows that you can watch when you're in a specific mood as it deals with a pretty heavy topic and has a serious tone overall. So, it's really not the kind of drama I'd watch after a long day. Saving this for when I happen to be in that particular mood. 

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  1. So weird how you and I have very similar tastes and have tasted similar dramas last year. We might be the same person *gasp*. Except maybe Let's Eat. Watched the first episode, thought it was boring, so I gave up. Is it a slow burn and maybe I should try again?

    Okay, so I just finished Misaeng. I can't stop smiling! What a wonderful drama! I will miss them so much... I got so many good feels. It wasn't the easiest of dramas, but I guess the hard makes the good feel better. In terms of the swaying of emotions, nothing got me as good as It's Okay That's Love in 2014, but dang if Misaeng isn't one well made production. Applause for the whole team! They better win a Baeksang this year. And a reunion at the party. I want to see the newbies together again!

    1. Let's Eat is definitely a slow burn. It takes time for the story to get moving but it's worth it because the characters are really endearing and make this show so heartwarming to watch. I think you could consider giving it another chance because it's actually a really sweet drama and one of my favourites this year :)

      Oh, I'm so glad you finished Misaeng. It's such a great show, isn't it? And I really miss the characters so much already. I heard the cast had a special episode in TAXI but I haven't found english subs for that which makes me sad because I really want to watch it.


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