Drama Year 2014: Between Wor(L)ds Drama Awards

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome back to Between Wor(L)ds Drama Awards! 

Yup, once again it is time for the weirdest drama awards post in the bloggerverse and to give attention to those "special" aspects in dramas that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

For a better viewing experience, please check your brain at the door. You won't need it here.


Kang Woo (It's Okay, It's Love) - This is not the face you'd want to see on the guy standing next to you at the urinals make as he's glancing over to your you-know-what

The Killer (Let's Eat) - LOL, nope. No thank you.

Jung Moon (Bad Guys) - The fact we all have the hots for the psychopath is creepier than that chilling smile. We need treatment, gals.

Jae Kyung (Man From Another Star) - Always know the perfect timing to give a creepy stare right into the camera #JustVillainThings

Se Dong (Blade Man) - Like seriously, this face is scarier than most things in horror movies. And the longer you look at it, the freakier it gets.

Woo Sun (Surplus Princess) - Not even gonna lie. That was a pretty awesome entrance there, lady.

Tae Oh (Gapdong) - Clownface...because being just creepyface isn't enough.


Misaeng - That elevator moment when your female coworker, whom you have a cute little crush on, offers to tie your tie and you completely overthink it. Meanwhile she ties it around her own neck, loosens the knot and hands it over to you like no biggie.

Plus Nine Boys - That elevator moment when you live in the same building with your ex-girlfriend, who once dumped you like a sack of bricks, and her little kid, and now you're gonna have a lot of awkward elevator rides with them. 

Pinocchio - That elevator moment when the only way you can get a hug from your icy cold mom is when you're awkwardly pressed against each other in a small crowded place.

Surplus Princess - That elevator moment when there's one person too many and we all know it really isn't either of the guys. (Jin Ah, can you just NOT?)

You're All Surrounded - That elevator moment when you realize that this uncomfortable elevator silence is only the beginning of the most awkward work day ever. 

High School King of Savvy - That elevator moment when you have to share the elevator with your crush who coldly rejected you just a minute ago and then your boss cheerfully starts blabbering away how much you like the guy.

Man From Another Star - That elevator moment when you're in a small closed space with a serial killer who seems suspiciously concerned about your health. Doesn't get any more uncomfortable than that, amirite?


Man Seok (High School King of Savvy) - Cute haraboji who loves games...

Gong Pil (Pinocchio) - ...and cute haraboji who keeps up with the latest trends.

Go Bong (Mr. Baek) - Grumpy haraboji who got tired of being old and became a young(ish) man...

Joon Hyuk, Won Bin, Gang Seok (Grandpa Investigation Unit) - ...and young men who got unlucky and became grumpy haraboji's.

Min Joon (Man From Another Star) - Cause honestly, he's the oldest and grumpiest haraboji out of all, despite not looking like it.


Ha Ni (Surplus Princess) - The dirty-minded mermaid...

Min Joon (Man From Another Star) - ...the 400-year-old alien hottie...

Seul Bi (Hi! School - Love On) -...the cutest angel of death...

Hong Bin (Blade Man/Iron Man/Cactus Man) - ...and the human porcupine? Wait, what?

Aquaman? Merman? (Surplus Princess) - I bet you didn't expect this. Sorry, but whatever creature this is, it needs it's own drama. Merman 2015, anyone?


Prosecutor Moon (Pride and Prejudice) - No-nonsense boss.

Chun Soo (Emergency Couple) - Grumpy boss.

Lawyer Kim (Let's Eat) - Pompous boss.

Pan Seok (You're All Surrounded) - Hotheaded boss.

Min Suk (High School King) - Clueless boss.

Chief Oh (Misaeng) - The overworked hero of the workplace.


Dong Ha (Witch's Romance) - Puppy in love with a witch noona.

Joo Wan (I Need Romance 3) - Puppy in love with his childhood noona.

Seung Hyun (Cunning Single Lady/ Sly and Single Again) - Puppy in love with a divorced noona.

Dae Young (Let's Eat) - Puppy in love with a foodie noona.

Kang Soo (Pride and Prejudice) - Puppy in love with a prosecutor noona.

Min Suk (High School King of Savvy) - Puppy in love with a silly noona.

Ta Hwan (Empress Ki) - Puppy in love with the empress noona.


Because one cannot just pick one puppy. 


Secretary Go (Blade Man) - Cause awesome. 

Hot Angel Sunbae (Hi! School - Love On) - Cause *swoon*...

Hye Young (Surplus Princess) - Cause obviously.

Ji Yong (Surplus Princess) - Cause funnies.

Mo Il Hwa (Age of Feeling) - Cause Song Jae Rim.

Barasshi (Let's Eat) - Cause SO MUCH SASS.


Underwater Kiss (Surplus Princess) - He didn't get the girl, but he did get the better kiss.

Library Kiss (Plus Nine Boys) - Studying in a library? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Time-Freeze Kiss (Man From Another Star) - Using your alien superpowers to steal secret kisses from your crush? Yeah, I would do that too.

Water Cave Kiss (It's Okay, It's Love) - Yup, it's that cave we've seen pretty much in every sageuk ever. But it's okay, because it's love. 

Snowy Kiss (Pinocchio) - Whaddya know, Park Shin Hye DOES know how to kiss like a real person. In your face, Kim Tan!

Heat of the Moment Kiss (Let's Eat) - Indeed, it is time to use those lips for something other than eating.

Wedding Kiss (My Secret Hotel) - The kiss that could have been a lot more satisfying if everything about this fake marriage thing wasn't so stupid.

"Let's be greedy"-Kiss (Fated to Love You) - You may call me greedy, but if that gets me some kisses, so be it.

Bathtub Kiss (Empress Ki) - Nevermind the kiss. If you're in a bathtub with Ji Chang Wook, then that's already a win.

Rain Kiss (Plus Nine Boys) - Slap incoming in..3...2...1...

Beer-Induced Make-Out Session (Witch's Romance) - It starts with a can of foamy beer and it ends with lots of kissing on the bed. That's why we love noona romances.

Min Suk, Deok Hwan, Tae Suk (High School King of Savvy) - High school bro-story.

Woong Chul, Tae Soo, Jung Moon (Bad Guys) - Criminally bromantic.

Dong Sik, Chief Oh, Geu Rae (Misaeng) - Office bromance.

Dal Hyang, Seung Po, Min Seo, Prince Sohyeon (Three Musketeers) - One for bros, and bros for one.

Dong Ha and Soo Cheol (Witch's Romance) - Bromantic roommates.

Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol (Hi! School - Love On) - Reluctant bros.

Min Joon and Young Mok (Man From Another Star) - Interspecies bromance.

Hong Bin and Secretary Go (Blade Man) - Chaebol and his bro-guardian.

Ma Nyeo and Sun Kyu (Surplus Princess) - Telepathic bros.

Jae Yeol and Kang Woo (It's Okay, It's Love) - Bro-love that cannot be... *wipes tear*


Soo Young and Yoo Ah (High School King of Savvy) - Unnie, the embarrassing mess, and dongsaeng, the delusional stalker. 

Ji Young and Na Rae (Witch's Romance) - Witch and her fairy godsister.

Kyung Mi and Soo Kyung (Let's Eat) - The foodie and her bestie.

Song Yi and Se Mi (Man From Another Star) - The starlet and her frenemy.

Ha Ni and Hye Young (Surplus Princess) - The mermaid and the mokbang.

Plus Nine Boys - That awkward moment when the girl you love wears a shirt that says "KISS ME", but when you do kiss her she's super pissed at you.

Surplus Princess - That awkward moment when you're checking out your brand new vagina.

Fated to Love You - That awkward moment when you're unconscious and naked and some random guys are giving your junk two thumbs up.

My Secret Hotel - That awkward moment when you're wishing for a dead body to fall from the ceiling to stop your wedding from happening.

It's Okay, It's Love - That awkward moment when you're legitimately crazy bonkers.

Misaeng - That awkward moment when there isn't really a moment when you're not awkward.

Plus Nine Boys - That awkward moment when you literally just shat your pants in front of everybody.

Misaeng - That awkward moment when you happen to meet your superior at the sauna and you have lots of painfully uncomfortable and absolutely naked moments together.    

High School King of Savvy - That awkward moment when you're misreading your boss' good manners as romantic signals, immediately follow him to the men's bathroom to confess your feelings (?!), get turned down flatly and then genuinely look surprised at the outcome. Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it.


Song Yi (Man From Another Star) -  Eccentric starlet. 

Ha Ni (Surplus Princess) - Apple pervert.

Geun Woo (Trot Lovers) - Oddball CEO.

Suk Yool (Misaeng) - Compulsive gossip.

Hong Bin (Blade Man) - Raging chaebol.

Soo Young (High School King of Savvy) - Chaotic secretary.

Lawyer Kim (Let's Eat) - Manchild (with a law degree).

Nae Il (Tomorrow Cantabile) - Hoarding virtuoso.

Lee Gun (Fated to Love You) - Mentally unstable snail-phobiac. *cue crazy laugh*

Da Jung and Yool (Prime Minister and I) - Cause ahjussi's warm handshake is the best. 

Shin Hyung and Ha Soo (Mr. Baek) - Ahjussi and the girl who didn't know she was actually dating a haraboji.

Seok Joo and Ji Yoon (A New Leaf) - Ahjussi romance without the...um...well, romance

Se Na and Hyun Wook (My Lovely Girl)Ahjussi who...WAITAMINUTE! Who dared to make Rain into an ahjussi? It's not his time yet!

Bom Yi and Dong Ha (My Spring Days) - But what's the point of a heart transplant when charming ahjussi is just going to steal it away again?

Yoon Kang (Joseon Gunman) - Badass vigilante.

Dal Hyang, Seung Po and Min Seo (Three Musketeers) - Badass musketeers.

Ki Seung Nyang (Empress Ki) - Badass empress.

Soo Hyun (God's Gift - 14 Days) - Badass mom. 

Woong Chul, Tae Soo and Jung Moon (Bad Guys) "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"


Cha Ok (Pinocchio) - Media vulture.

Won Shin (Joseon Gunman) - Daddy killer.

Sadam (Night Watchman's Journal) - Blonde lunatic.

Tae Oh (Gapdong) - Serial killer fanboy.

King Yeongjo (Secret Door) - Bad daddy.

Jae Kyung (Man From Another Star) - Alien hater.

Do Young (Liar Game) - Gamemaster.

Because how can you choose one Shin Sung Rok over the other, especially when they're both so awesomely evil.


Ki Seung Nyang (Empress Ki) - Because she's starts out as a brave warrior and becomes a beautiful empress, conquering hearts wherever she goes.

Mi Young (Fated to Love You) - Because she grows from a meek and shy office lady into a strong and opinionated woman, without losing herself along the way.

Ji Yeon (Witch's Romance) - Because, as she said herself, oftentimes an independent witch is a hundred times better than Snow White who only depends on others.

Young Yi (Misaeng) - Because her intelligence and ambition is admirable and because, despite the many challenges she faces in the male-dominated workplace, she always finds strength to push forward. 

Ji Hye (Emergency Couple) - Because she's probably the sanest person in the show, and also because, instead of being one of those meddling second leads, she's just a really cool doctor lady.

Song Yi (Man From Another Star) - Because she's just plain awesome and she's not even sawry. 


Let's Eat - From next-door neighbours to dinner buddies for life.

You're All Surrounded - From a mismatched team to friends who'll have each other's backs. 

It's Okay, It's Love - From doctors and patients to a family of crazies.

Pinocchio - From a castaway orphan to a fake uncle in a family that has plenty of love for an extra.

Blade Man - From a tragic Candy to a mama bear for an army of flower boys.

Miss Korea - From a bizarre beauty squad to an affectionate group of misfits.

Misaeng - From bumbling interns to the cutest little newbie gang One International has ever seen.


Jin Woo (High School King of Savvy) - High school king of cockblocking.

Shi Woo (My Lovely Girl) - My unloved boy.

Shi Kyung (Surplus Princess) - Princesses out of stock.

Lawyer Kim (Let's Eat) - Let's eat...separately.

Jae Bum (Plus Nine Boys) - Plus nine rejections boy.

Yoon Ho (Cantabile Tomorrow) - Cantabile...not ever.

Chun Soo (Emergency Couple) - Emergency singlehood.

Ha Jin (Discovery of Romance) - Discovery of break-up.

Hwi Kyung (Man From Another Star) - Man from boring earth.

Geun Woo (Trot Lovers) - Trot lover-less.

Sung Gyum (My Secret Hotel) - My (not-so)secret heartbreak hotel.

Sung Yeol (Hi! School - Love On) - Bye! School - love off.

Beom Jo (Pinocchio) - Pinocchio's friendzone.

Seung Hyun (Cunning Single Lady) - Perpetually single man. 

Daniel (Fated To Love You) - Fated to not be loved.


DUH! Second male leads never win, remember? 


Jung Woong In (Pinocchio) - Get in line, cause Min Joon Gook is back and he's giving out free hugs!

Suzy (Man From Another Star) - Go Hye Mi meets professor Min Joon and tells him that he looks just like her ex-boyfriend Sam Dong...Gee, I wonder why.

Jo Sang Wook (I Need Romance 3) - Joo Sang Wook is Joo Yeon's noble idiot ex and a walking cliche, leaving her to go study abroad and insisting she'd fall in love and be happy without him.

Choi Woo Shik (You're All Surrounded) - Cutiepie Choi Woo Shik is not so cutiepie when he loses his temper and goes on a wild rampage in a restaurant. 

Oh Jung Se (Misaeng)Oh Jung Se is a betrayed husband who gives Manager Sung the long-awaited beating that he deserves. Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

Lee Jae Yoon (Witch's Romance) - Lee Jae Yoon is Ji Yeon's blind date from hell as he delivers one of the cringiest aegyo in the history of K-dramas.

Gary (Emergency Couple) - Gary becomes a daeri (substitute driver) to drive Jin Hee's drunk ass back home cause Monday is a work day.


Yeo Reum and Tae Ha (Discovery of Romance) - Let's give it another try, but not before I reject you a million times.

Jin Hee and Chang Min (Emergency Couple) - Let's give it another try, but first let me date that other hot doctor.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young (My Secret Hotel) - Let's give it another try, but let us be unhappy and in denial for 8 more episodes.

Ae Ra and Jung Woo (Cunning Single Lady) - Let's give it another try, but only because you're rich now.

Da In and Kwang Soo (Plus Nine Boys) - Let's give it another try, but I'm still gonna dump you.

Yeol Moo and Dong Chi (Pride and Prejudice) - Let's give it another try, but first let me accuse you of murdering my brother.

Mi Young and Gun (Fated to Love You) - Let's give it another try, but this time let's do it right.


Rookie cop team (You're All Surrounded) - Team protect and serve.

Team Crazy Dogs (Bad Guys) - Team badass.

Team Vivi (Miss Korea) - Team beauty and grace.

Sales team 3 (Misaeng) - Team "YES!"


Blade Man - When the lead actor is trying to be intense but it looks like he's pooping.

My Lovely Girl - When even the dog is so bored with this drama that it just...dies.

Surplus Princess - When the drama ends like this.

Witch's Romance - When the second lead ruins polar bears for everyone.

Three Days - When math is just too hard and three days becomes twelve days.

Doctor Stranger - When even Lee Jong Suk can't save this trainwreck.

Night Watchman's Journal - When you want to lie down and weep after seeing Kim Sung Oh like this.

Trot Lovers - When the male lead wears this and makes Kim Tan's sweater collection look stylish in comparison. That was hard one to achieve, but you did it...congrats?

Ha Ni (Surplus Princess) - Even pretty mermaid princesses have their bad days. 

Geu Rae (Misaeng) - Just look at this drunk doofus. How can you not love him?

Cha Ok (Pinocchio) - "She's got that p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (Mum mum mum mah)"

Shi Kyung (Surplus Princess) - I will never look at apples the same way.

Fated to Love You - Leave it to K-dramas to make a lovescene into something totally nonsensical.

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    It's hilarious. I love it. :DDDDD Love the winners, the nominees, the description.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. I'm glad you had fun reading it, Mary ;) Let's hope even more Rim for next year's post.

  2. THIS IS GOLD! Hehehehe thanks a lot for your hard work in creating this awesome drama awards!

    I feel sorry for all the polar bears because we were cursing them while watching Witch's Romance XD

    1. Thank you :) And yes, I do feel bad for cursing real polar bears because of Polar Bear. Why didn't he have a nickname more suitable with his bland personality like Toilet Paper or something?

  3. Heeeeeeeeee this is awesome! Best descriptions ever. Had me in a giggle frenzy for a few minutes.

    Also you're making me wanting to watch dramas I've dropped, especially You're All Surrounded. And Geu-rae, so cute! Need to pick up Misaeng again too. But I don't know if I can handle all that stress. Ha.

    1. Thanks :)

      I'm not sure about You're All Surrounded, but I totally recommend finishing Misaeng. It was my favourite show of the year and it was great from start to finish.

  4. Love it! :D Very creative and so, so funny! You rawk! :D

  5. :D :D :D I chortled throughout but especially at:

    'the human porcupine'
    ‘That awkward moment when there isn't really a moment when you're not awkward.'
    'Discovery of Breakup'
    'Man From Boring Earth'

    And yay for Barassi nabbing the scene-stealer award! Because so much sass! Truth.
    PS Love the fancy red ribbons!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) And yes, Barasshi totally earned that award!

      PS: Those fancy red ribbons were a pain in the ass :D

  6. HAHAHAHA LOL! omg! the haraboji winner totally killed it! I agreed with almost everything ^^ I loved your awards yay!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you found it entertaining :)


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