Steven Yeun and Sandara Park Collaborate and It's THE BEST THING EVER!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Guys, THE MOST GLORIOUS thing has happened! 

Two of my most favorite things from two different corners of the entire entertainment world have somehow ended up in a collaboration. Did Christmas arrive early this year?

But seriously though, I first heard about the collaboration few weeks ago and I was anxiously waiting for it to get released. And here it finally is - The Walking Dead meets Hallyu! Well...kinda as it's not really about zombie-killing K-pop idols (that would be awesome too), but just the fact that the project involves Steven Yeun is more than I ever could have wished for!

Apparently, the crew behind this collaboration is Be Funny Studios that has done a few other collaborations between American and Korean stars before (Anna Kendrick with f(x) and Rita Ora with HyunA), which is great because funny videos are a great way of bringing fans together.

While I can't post What's Eating Steven Yeun? videos here, all three short episodes  can be watched on Be Funny Studios website, so be sure to check that link out. And even if you're not a fan of The Walking Dead or Steven, you can still watch it because it requires no previous knowledge about either. Just watch, and you'll love it. I promise, now GO WATCH IT!

All aboard? And the ship will sail!

Plot summary:

The hilarious mini-series follows Steven Yeun as he decides to pursue his dream of becoming a super star in Korea.

Episode 1: Steven bids farewell to his girlfriend Sandara Park and arrives in Korea where he meets Park Hyuk Kwong who becomes Steven's new manager. While Steven thinks all he needs to become famous is to imitate Gangnam Style, his manager has a little different in mind. Mokbang, to be exact

Episode 2: Steven's training begins as he must learn to master the correct techniques to become the best mokbang star in Korea. And eventually, the hard work indeed starts to pay off as Steven skyrockets to fame. But back home, Sandara feels betrayed...

Episode 3: Manager Park gets arrested and Steven is forced to accept that his 15-minutes of fame are up. Burnt-out and depressed, he returns to America to win Sandara back, but she seems to have moved on. Is it too late for an apology?

My favourite moments (spoilers, duh):

When Steven thinks that he knows all about Korean culture because he knows the horse dance and Park Hyuk Kwong is like, "WTF?" A clear a jab at the people who think the entire Korean pop culture can be summed up with "Gangnam Style".

The training sequence. Cause training to become a mokbang is the most ridiculous thing ever.

Steven "making it rain" using pizza coupons. That was a nice touch XD

Betrayed Sandara taking her anger out on a cucumber. This is funny because Dara's making faces and because Steven hates cucumbers but also because...well, coz cucumbers have a double meaning.

When Steven's is told his role in a movie is given to Ken Jeong. "Ken Jeong? You just said it's a boy genius. That dude's 45." "Americans can't tell the difference." Truth hurts. AND makes you laugh.

Steven trying to commit suicide through fan death. Just LOL XD XD XD

The absolutely hilarious Gwiyomi-apology. I laughed and also felt oddly moved by that scene.   

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