Between Wor(L)ds' Third Birthday - What It Means to be Three?

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Yup, this little blog has finally turned three!

First of all, I should probably clarify that Between Wor(L)ds' official birthday was actually 5 days ago, on October 27th. But since I had just come down with a nasty cold, I really couldn't focus on writing anything on that day nor for the next few days either. So for the sake of it, let's just pretend that I'm posting this on time.

I gotta admit that there's something oddly grand about the number three. What I mean is that it sounds like a pretty important milestone, even for such a small blog like mine. And when I think about it, the number three itself reveals quite a lot about me. 

They say age is just a number...

For instance, the number three says that I'm no longer a newbie in this K-drama blogosphere. I sure don't feel like I'm any more experienced than some my fellow K-drama bloggers who have perhaps been around for only a year or so, but I guess after a few years of blogging I may indeed know something about perseverance. 

The number three also implies that I'm not what you would call "a new K-drama addict". In fact, I've been immersed in Asian dramas and music for almost 6 years now. Yeah, six. That of course still makes me no expert, not even by a long shot, but it does make me feel like I know my sh*t. Well kinda, at least. 

And lastly, the number three might mean that maybe this is blogging thing isn't just a temporary thing for me, that maybe I'm actually here for the long run. Unfortunately, I cannot give my word for it as we all know that life can be unpredictable and oftentimes it can get in the way of blogging. 

And now that we're being honest all around, I should address the fact that haven't been all too active here for the past month or so. Partly because I had this awful writer's block and I just couldn't concentrate on writing anything, but also because I just wasn't in the mood to blog. 

Indeed, sometimes it's not even life that gets in the way of blogging, but it's me myself. If that's the case, sometimes weeks or even months can go by before I get my motivation back. Sadly, that's just how it is. 

Having a writer's block is the worst!

However, I believe I can say I have no plans to abandon Between Wor(L)ds anytime soon. Having found a my own place in this lovely online community where I can rant and rave to my heart's content, I can't imagine throwing that away so easily. Even if I wanted to move on, and that day will eventually come, I think it would still be pretty hard for me, because I always begin to miss certain things about blogging when I've been away for a while. 

To me, this blog is like my very own little world for my thoughts, which is why I promise to treat it like a dear friend at all times. When the day comes when we must go our separate paths, we will have a proper goodbye and send each other off with good feelings. But until that day comes, I will do my best to keep this blog alive. 
And that's a pinky promise :) 

A promise to keep.

So here's to number three - to three wonderful years of blogging. 

Happy birthday, Between Wor(L)ds!

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  1. Yaaaaaay happpppy birthday to Between Wor(L)ds blog! And many mooooooore....

    (I'm so jealous of blog birthdays because I don't know when the official birth of my blog is! eeeeek)

    1. Thank you so much :)

      But how is it that you don't know when your blog's birthday is?

    2. I know when my blog was made, but since its birth wasn't meant for K-drama glory, I'm not sure when the birth of We eat lemon. the K-entertainment blog is. It's kind of complicated.

    3. Ah, I see.

      Well, I think you could still celebrate it on the day your blog was created even if you didn't start posting about K-drama related stuff right away. Though, on the other hand, I don't actually celebrate my blog's birthday on the day it was created either. It's actually kind of a weird story because I created this blog a long time ago on a whim, but I never posted or did anything on it. So when I decided I wanted to start blogging about dramas I just started posting things on here (now I think I should've just created a new blog).

      Anyways, I've since celebrated the blog's birthday on the day made my first post here. Maybe you could do that too and celebrate it on the day you made your first K-ent related post on your blog.

    4. I'm really bad at celebrating things anyways. I missed the 100th post, the 100,000th view, it's all a big jumble of mess. So I don't bother. But seeing other people's milestones are always great.

  2. :) Have a wonderful blogging year ahead, Indigo!

    1. Awww, Choi Jin Hyuk just for me? Thank you, it's just the thing I wished for :D


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