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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So there's this new little blogging award going around, called The Sunshine Award. I gotta admit I'm pretty glad I was nominated (thank you kindly Chunkeemonkeeato from Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato and Conan from We Eat Lemon!) because a little bit of sunshine is exactly what I've been craving for during these rainy and grey autumn nights.

The guidelines:

– Thank the person who nominated you
– Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
– Nominate a few other bloggers
– Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
– Notify the bloggers on their blog.
– Put the award button on your blog

Questions from Chunkeemonkeeato (Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato):

1. Pick your favorite K-Drama bromance.

Do I really have to choose? This might be even harder for me than picking my favourite K-drama OTP. 

But okay, if I really have to choose it would either be Eye Candy bromance from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band or Yoon Yoon Jae and Kang Joon Hee's friendship from Answer Me 1997

To me, these two bromances stand out because neither was created for comedic purposes and fanservice only, but both of them featured long and established friendships between the characters. Both bromances truly tugged at my heartstrings.

2. If you could pick any K-Drama character to become your drinking buddy, who would it be and why?

Oh god, I really can't hold my liquor by Korean standards. If I had a K-drama drinking buddy, they'd probably have to piggyback me home all the time. 

But if we were to pretend...maybe Chilbongie from Answer Me 1994 then. He's not a big drinker either and he's adorable when drunk. Besides I could then play spin the bottle with him...just the two of us ;) And afterwards he can piggyback me home. Hey, it all comes together perfectly now!

3. Cast your dream K-Drama. Would you be your main 4 leads? Remember to cast the OTPs as well as the two secondary leads.

Just the other day, I had an epiphany while watching Running Man ep 215 and realized how awesome it would be if Song Ji Hyo and Jo Jung Suk could star in a drama together. Like, why aren't drama gods already making this happen?

And well, if they were the OTP in the drama I thought I could go in a different direction while casting the secondary leads. Instead of making the second leads meddle in with the main romance, I'd like them to have their own adorable romance instead. And as that secondary couple I'd reunite the adorable Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung, who were just the cutest back in The Moon Embracing The Sun. But now in their teen years, I could see them being the perfect romantic interests for each other.

And maybe Kim Yoo Jung could play Ji Hyo's younger sister and Yeo Jin Goo could be like Jung Suk's younger friend (dongsaeng) and the older ones could give love advice to the younger ones and vice versa and it would all be so lovely...and...and...

...and now I'm sad because this drama casting only exists in my head...*sadface*

4. Similar to how K-Drama characters never forget their first love, who is your first K-Drama love?

You know, I actually don't have a sentimental first love. I'm no longer that interested in most of the actors I used to crush over when I first started watching dramas. 

My interest in Lee Min Ho, for instance, has been on a gradual decline and it hit the lowest point when The Heirs was airing. And I remember adoring Lee Dong Wook in My Girl, but these days I feel a little put off by his overacting, although I do like his dorky variety persona.

5. Name your current favorite song playing on your playlist right now.

American: Delta Rae - "Bottom of the River" and Mourning Ritual "Bad Moon Rising".

K-pop: T-ara "Sugar Free", BTS's Dark & Wild album and Chen (EXO) "Best Luck" were what I was listening to last, but I really need to catch up with new releases. 

6. What’s your favorite thing to snack on while watching K-Dramas?

I don't usually eat snacks too much while watching dramas, but occasionally I do treat myself to a little bit of ice cream.

7. Is there a fashion trend you started following because of a K-Drama character? If so, who and why?

I guess not specifically, but I do feel that my fashion sense is a little influenced by K-dramas and K-pop these days as I do go for more feminine and cute clothes with bows and soft pastel colours. And my fondness for all kinds of hoods and hats with cat ears probably also came from K-dramas/K-pop. 

Overall, I don't go out of my way to look like a character from a K-drama, but I often get inspired by their fashion.

8. Sometimes love is blind. Is there one K-Drama actor/actress that you love so dearly that you won’t mind watching a terrible drama because they’re in it? If so, who?

I guess Choi Jin Hyuk has made me watch dramas that I maybe wouldn't have otherwise. 

I totally watched and completed Emergency Couple only for him and Song Ji Hyo. And part of the reason why I even started The Heirs was because of Choi Jin Hyuk. Unfortunately, that didn't pay off as his character got so little screentime and was really underdeveloped. Not to mention that The Heirs decided to screw me over one last time when it turned out that Choi Jin Hyuk's character was the only one who didn't get a happy ending in the whole drama. Yeah, some tables were flipped.

And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be tuning in to the upcoming drama Pride and Prejudice if it didn't have Choi Jin Hyuk. I'm not a fan of legal dramas, so the premise barely interests me. But I can't miss it because it's probably his last role before military service and I gotta send him off properly.

Questions from Conan (We Eat Lemon):

1. If you can recommend one drama to a K-drama virgin, what would it be?

I've thought about this a lot, actually. Yet I've never really come to a one single answer because it all comes down to that particular person's taste in genres overall. 

Though perhaps Dream High (only first season!) would be a good start. Although it's not one of my ultimate favourites, Dream High could be a really nice introduction to both K-dramas and K-pop. Besides if the person likes it, there are a lot of dramas of similar style that they could continue on with. For instance, if they'd like similar music dramas I could easily recommend Shut Up FBB, Monstar and What's Up next. Or they could continue on with other romcoms with youthful and cute actors, like the Flower Boy and Answer Me series. Or I could suggest more teen dramas, for instance School 2013

But most of all, Dream High is not one of those dramas that you cannot outdo. It should be entertaining enough for a new K-drama fan, but at the same time you could easily recommend something even better for them next time.  

2. Which K-drama couple you wish could reunite once again?

I would love if Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji could reunite once more. I'm still not over Answer Me 1997 feels.

You know, back at the start of the summer drama season, when Jung Eun Ji was the heroine in Trot Lovers and Seo In Guk was the main lead in High School King of Savvy, I was kinda praying for a miracle that those two dramaverses got connected somehow and their respective characters would somehow end up getting together. I wasn't a big fan of their actual romantic interests in the two dramas, so I couldn't stop myself from hoping for the impossible.  

3. What is your favorite K-drama OST? (Could be just one song or the whole album)

I actually answered this question when I was doing 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge and made a huge long list about my favourite K-drama OSTs, which you can read here. But just to recap: loved the entire OST of Answer Me 1997 and What's Up and I tend to have a fondness for sageuk OSTs (especially instrumental tracks). I'd also add Monstar and It's Okay It's Love's full soundtracks.

4. What is one (or more) K-drama(s) you wish you haven't watched?

I dunno...I haven't really completed any dramas that I totally regretted watching, but maybe Dream High 2 then. That drama was a pretty disappointing experience.

5. What is one thing you love and one thing you hate about blogging?

I love receiving comments and responding to them and just the overall feeling of a community within the blogosphere.

I hate those days when I can't put a single sentence together, even when I have ideas and motivation to write.

6. If you were a food, what would you be?

I'd be something super healthy but disgusting so no-one would eat me, lol.

7. What is your favorite sick day movie?

You might be surprised but I often find myself watching horror movies when I'm sick. I dunno, there's something oddly comforting about them. Probably because it makes my mood better to watch the characters in a horror flick having a worse time than I am.

8. Recommend us some of your favorite books!

Probably no point in recommending the really popular stuff like Harry Potter/Hunger Games etc, or the classic chick flicks like Pride and Prejudice or Gone With The Wind, so I'm not even gonna bother.

One book I always try to get people to read is The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy, but I always fail because it's nearly 600 pages long and that probably makes it seem really intimidating. But if there are any bookworms out there who would like to give it a try, then please do. Despite the somewhat slow introduction, it's actually a very gripping novel and it will definitely get an emotional reaction out of you. The story revolves around a man who recollects the traumatic events of his family life and childhood as he tries to make peace with the past.

I would also recommend any one of the three novels by Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and And The Mountains Echoed. I haven't read all three of them, but I really like his storytelling and overall themes he uses in his novels. His books are sad, often very tragic, but also extremely moving and thought-provoking.

I recently (okay, maybe not so recently because I have been slacking off when it comes to reading) also enjoyed Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I'd recommend to both read the book and watch the film, both are really good and offer a really valid point on religion.  

My nominees:

First of all, I nominate everyone back who's nominated me. I won't demand you to answer my questions, but if you'd like you can do so in the comment section. Same goes for the people have already been nominated for the award by others, you can just leave a comment if you'd like, no pressure.

Caitlyn from As I Watch
Rosie from Shine a Light Rose
Amanda from Outside Seoul
Blacksesame88 from Black Sesame Blog
Snow from The Drama Corner
Dnoella from KdramaGuk
Kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict

My questions:

(Most of these aren't even questions, but let's just go with it.)

And really, anyone who wants to play along, feel free to give your answers in the comment section. 


1. Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows or Kim Woo Bin without his deep voice - which version of him would you choose?

2. Choose a K-pop song to describe how you feel about your favourite K-drama actor/K-pop bias. (Feel free to include a line or two from the lyrics to further explain your choice.)

3. Pick two drama titles and mash them into one. Briefly explain the premise of this mash-up drama. (e.g. The Heirs From The Stars

4. You're going to noraebang (karaoke) with your Korean friends. It's your turn to sing, what song will you pick? (It has to be a Korean song)

5. Pick three Korean male celebrities of your choice....Okay, ready? Now highlight the hidden text in the following brackets: (Let's play a round of Kiss, Marry, Kill. Out of these three celebrities, who will you kiss, who will you marry and who will you kill? Let the games begin, muahahahahahaa XD)

6. Which drama do you think would be more interesting to watch if all the leading female characters were male and vice versa?

7. Who do you think was a better boyfriend: Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers or Kim Tan from The Heirs? Or rather, who was worse?

8. Finish this sentence: A K-drama is not a K-drama without...

(you get a cookie if you answer this one)

9. Do you watch The Walking Dead? (I could really use myself a Walking Dead buddy, none of my friends watch the show and I have nobody to share my impressions of the season 5 premiere :P)

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  1. I do love the fact that you nominated the entire cast of Problematic of the Unproblematic, ha ha. That'll be a long question & answer post! I'm gonna come back here and answer your questions a bit later but I wanted to do a quicky THANKS FOR THE NOMINATION first :-). And, I don't watch Walking Dead, sorry! My mum does, I can get you in touch with her, ha ha

    1. I think they might warrant a post.

    2. I'm not even sure how many of those awesome ladies are active these days on Problematic of the Unproblematic, but the more the merrier :D And don't worry, you can take your time with answering.

      Also, your mum is cool :D

    3. Okay, i'm back with my answers! I think i went off on slight tangents when I was answering them, sorry, lol. Oh, also, I've never read Pride & Prejudice, but I have read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Does that count? Ditto with watching the Korean P&P solely for Choi Jin Hyuk. No way would I be watching it otherwise.

      1. I want to refuse to answer this question, ha ha. I had this image of Kim Woo Bin with a high squeaky voice and i just thought NOOOO. So i'm gonna say, I could do without his eyebrows if he still sounded good.

      2. I found this really hard because there are some choruses or some verses that fit but then the song as a whole doesn't. B1A4 - The Road has a line that goes
      "I endlessly wandered on this dark road
      Sick of each day, I had no dreams
      But on that road, you always gave me strength by my side
      (Because you were there) I could keep walking"
      which I think is really nice, but like, the song as a whole isn't entirely what i would say is how I feel. Hey, have you read the lyrics to EXO's Overdose? They say it's about their fans. If you actually read the lyrics, it does sound like it's about their fans except it sounds like it's about their saesang fans, lol. "Your love is like poison to me", and "This is clearly a dangerous addiction, so bad, no one to stop her". I just love that!

      3. This isn't particularly funny but I actually think I would watch this if it was a show. Sungkyunkwan Gumiho, which would be like Surplus Princess in that she has 100 days to find true love except with the same plot as Sungkyunkwan Scandal but the girl is also a gumiho and has to hide her true identity while also solving some kind of mystery and falling in love with Yoochun. Wow, yeah, I could never be a scriptwriter... Choi Jin Hyuk would need to be in it somewhere, lol.

      4. B1A4's 'Beautiful Target' because singing "You joom joom heart like a locket' is hella fun! My usual karaoke song, when singing in English, is the Grease megamix, lol

      5. Sigh. I ended up kissing Song Jae Rim, marrying Lee Seung Gi, and killing Yoo Seung Ho. I'm sorry boy, I love you really!

      6. City Hunter would be awesome if the roles were reversed. A kickass female superhero with her pretty cool beta male love interest, and a female prosecutor with morals. Would totally work.

      7. Kim Tan didn't go around bashing people up so, i'll go with him, lol. I will always have a soft spot for Gu Jun Pyo though, he was so adorably clueless.

      8. A broody shower scene. If i don't get at least one broody shower scene, the Director hasn't done his job properly.

      I totally agree with you about Dream High 2. Such a bad show! I don't even know why i finished it. And I'm not one to fast forward, so I watched every single minute of it! I'm pretty sure it was Dream High 2 that made me think long and hard about my ridiculous inability to drop dramas. I've successfully gotten over that now, and can actually drop dramas! Woot!

    4. Yunno, everyone seems to choose Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows, which kinda surprises me because I think a person always looks really different when they change the way they pluck they eyebrows. I honestly couldn't imagine Kim Woo Bin without his eyebrows so I'd personally want him to still have his eyebrows, because I don't think he necessarily needs to have a super deep voice. Just like you said, as long as he doesn't have a squeaky voice.

      Oh yeah, I did hear something about "Overdose" being about EXO's fans but since I was not a fan of that song, I never really listened to it myself too much. On that note, Epik High's "Fan" also kinda talked about sasaeng fans, or at least about crazy fans in general.

      Sungkyunkwan Gumiho? I'd totally watch it, and not just because Choi Jin Hyuk would be in it :D

      True, if there's not a single broody shower scene in a drama, something has gone horribly wrong :D

  2. What a fun read, Indigo! And what a great point you make, about choosing an entry drama that you can continue to match! My sister recently got back on the kdrama bandwagon with YFAS, and after that, I recommended QIHM to her, and she was actually a little DISAPPOINTED! With QIHM! This is what YFAS does to kdrama newbies! >.<

    Also totally with you on Dream High 2 - that would've been my pick too. A disappointment, through and through. And that's counting the Jung Jin Woon eye candy! XD

    Thanks for the nomination - your questions are so intriguing that I'm getting Lady G in on the action, and we're making a new post for it, so look out for that! :D

    1. ...And we're done! Here's the linky:

    2. Yeah, I'm glad you agree. I do think it's better to feed the newbies something you can continue to match. Otherwise, you put yourself in a tight spot when you have nothing to recommend them later on.

      Even though I fast-forwarded through most of DH2, I still felt like I wasted a lot of time on it. And don't even get me started with Jung Jinwoon's character. He was majorly screwed over and I'm still furious how they ended his story arc. Ugh.

      And thanks for answering my questions. I'll get to reading your answers soon :)

  3. Yay you answered! After watching the last Running Man episode, I totally shipped Jo Jung-suk and Song Ji-hyo too. Is it crazy of me to have never seen Jo Jung-suk aside from Architecture 101? I better get on The Face Reader asap.

    And since you nominated me again, I'll just answer in the here comments for a good laugh maybe? Lightning round version, kind of.
    1. Without eyebrows. There's always eyebrow pencil.
    2. Sleepless Night by Crush from the It's Okay That's Love OST. Not reflective of my current state, but that song is awesome and has been in my head for a while.
    3. It's Okay, Sirius where the Seo Jun-young's become one of the patients. Lots of psychotherapy, tears, and bro-hugs. No need for anyone to slip into a coma.
    4. If I can ask for any song, definitely Memories Just as Much as Love (추억 사랑만큼) by Brown Eyed Soul. I know that song by heart and can sing both parts!
    5. Kind of knew where this was headed (I read Mimi's before this haha) I chose Jo Seung-woo, Song Joong-ki, and Jo In-sung. I would kiss Jo In-sung, marry Jo Seung-woo, and kill Song Joong-ki. Sorry bro, Jo In-sung killed you, not me. Not Jo In-sung, Joo Ji-hoon killed you.
    6. Reply 1994. Choose between her or her! Let the catfight commence.
    7. I didn't watch The Heirs, and I'm not Lee Min-ho's biggest fan. So can I put this question to number 4 and kill both Gu Jun-pyo and Kim Tan? (And Lee Min-ho too? I'll save Song Joong-ki while I'm at it.)
    8. A K-drama isn't a K-drama without a loveline. Which is sad, but it's true. I wish there's one where there's zero love lines but I don't think writers will allow it. Even OCN dramas have lovelines.
    9. Nope, sorry >.< I'm a wuss.

    1. You haven't seen Jo Jung Suk in anything else besides Architecture 101??? Omg, you have been missing out! I've adored him in everything I've seen him in, What's Up, The King 2 Hearts, Architecture 101 and even Lee Soon Shin, You're the Best. He just always makes me fall in love with the characters he plays. I could go on, but I won't bore you anymore :D But I do recommend you to check him out in other stuff, he's pretty brilliant.

      Love "Sleepless Night", kept listening to that on repeat when IOIL was airing.

      Noooo! You can't kill Song Joong Ki! How dare you? I will avenge him! :D

    2. I just wasn't interested in the projects he was in. After watching Running Man, I knew I was missing out on a lot!

      It wasn't me who killed Song Joong-ki. It was Joo Jin-mo (but I accidentally said Joo Ji-hoon. Whoops).

    3. Excuse me, I gotta take my revenge on Joo Ji Hoon now.

  4. Hey Indigo! I finally answered your questions. :)


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