Upcoming Drama Iron Man Looks Like a Big Joke

Monday, September 01, 2014

Should I laugh or should I cry?

Indeed, the upcoming KBS drama Iron Man sounded kinda ridiculous from day one, but after releasing two first teasers and official posters the whole thing just looks plain stupid. 

Apparently, the 20-episode action-romance drama promises a lot of angst and man pain. The hero, played by Lee Dong Wook, is a wealthy man who develops an ability to sprout knives from his body because of the hurt he carries in his heart (???). He starts out as heartless and arrogant, but grows into a better person when he falls in love with a woman with a bright personality (Shin Se Kyungwho helps to heal his wounded heart.

Blech. Even this description of the story sounds so cringe-worthy. In all honesty, a lot of dramas have very strange plot summaries and they aren't always an indication of the quality of the particular show. But when you have a plot description like this, a teaser where the hero literally looks like a human porcupine, and a heavily photoshopped posters of the sullen leads, you cannot deny that this all together makes you want to burst out laughing (which was in fact my first reaction).

I personally lost my interest in this drama as soon as I heard Shin Se Kyung was given the main female role as she is one of the few actresses I sincerely dislike. But I feel kinda sad that Lee Dong Wook was cast because, although I'm not really a big fan of his, the actor seems like a pretty cool guy in real life and I'd hate it if this would make him a laughing stock. I can see that happening already and I wonder how much worse it's gonna get, considering that Lee Dong Wook tends to overact quite a lot in dramatic scenes. Combine his overacting and Shin Se Kyung's perpetual sulkiness with a drama like this, and you have got a total trainwreck heading your way.

I might check out the first episodes just out of pure curiosity and with the expectations of a good laugh (kinda like I did with Dr. Jin), but otherwise this one's a big fat "NO" from me.

In any case, Iron Man will start airing on September 10, taking over the Wednesdays & Thursdays time slot previously occupied by Joseon Gunman

Via KoreanDrama.org

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  1. Yeah, it's not really appealing , is it? I like Dong Wook so I do want him to do something good, and I haven't seen Se Kyung in anything before so I don't have an opinion but geez, that poster, really? He literally has spikes coming out of him! I'll watch the first episode but it'll have to be pretty amazing for me to keep watching.

    1. I'm really questioning LDW ability to pick projects. Hotel King was a pretty poor choice already, but this...this just makes me sad.

    2. I think the last show I saw him in was Scent of Romance. I haven't been interested in any of his dramas since then, lol. I wonder if it's him or his company that pick his projects.

    3. He used to do better shows, didn't he? Maybe not great shows, but his older stuff was definitely better.

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  3. Yeah when I first heard about this drama, it was also a big NO for me and my jaw dropped when I saw the poster because of how awfully bad it is. Like you, I'm going to check out the first ep or 2 just out of curiosity. Let's all join hands and laugh together lol!

    1. Yup, if the posters and teasers are an accurate indication of the quality of the show, I'm sure we'll have a little twitter party when it airs it's first episode.


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