Single Moms Hwaiting! Trailers for the Weekend Drama The Greatest Marriage

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I am glad to say that after an unfortunate drug abuse controversy last year, actress Park Si Yeon is returning to acting with a new drama.

The drama in question is The Greatest Marriage. It is about a star news anchor Cha Gi Young (Park Si Yeon) who unexpectedly becomes pregnant and decides to be a single mom. Gi Young is ambitious and capable when it comes to her job, but her career takes a hit when everyone finds out she's having a child out of wedlock. Because her boyfriend Park Tae Yeon (No Min Woo) is far from being ready to be a daddy, Gi Young chooses to accept single motherhood, even though her life gets considerably more complicated in result. While her character rejects the idea of marriage, she will have a romantic relationship with her coworker and rival Jo Eun Cha (Bae Soo Bin).

The two teaser trailers give a pretty good idea what to expect from the first episodes of the drama. But at the same time, it looks somewhat scattershot with both comedic and dramatic scenes mashed together and the mood abruptly changing from happy to sad. However, these are just a trailers and I hope the editing and mood transitions are going to be more subtle in the actual drama.

Overall, I can't say this is the kind of show I'd usually be interested in, but the story in itself doesn't sound all that bad. I can't really think of dramas that have explored single motherhood in depth so far, especially when the female lead also wants to have a career. In that sense it's a refreshing idea and if executed well enough, The Greatest Love might be quite intriguing to watch. 

Mainly though, I'm just looking forward to seeing Park Si Yeon in a leading role again. She's one of those actresses who aren't really given the opportunity to do different roles. It's a shame because she deserves more acknowledgement, in my opinion. Although Park did not start out as a good actress, she has shown a lot of improvement in her acting skills over the years. Also, I've mentioned this many times before, she was totally charming and funny in Coffee House and should receive more offers to do quirkier stuff like that. 

I care a lot less about No Min Woo and Bae Soo Bin, though. The appearance of the former simply freaks me out, while I've never liked any of the roles the latter has been in before. But out of the two, I like Bae Soo Bin more because despite the fact that he's been playing scumbags, he's actually a rather talented actor. Nevertheless, Park Si Yeon is the main reason I want to give this show a chance.

The Greatest Marriage will premiere on CSTV on September 27, airing on Saturdays and Sundays.


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