Lyrical Tuesday: Kim Yoon Ah - Going Home

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some of you who have been watching the wacky mermaid drama Surplus Princess might recognize this song I've chosen for today's post. That's right, Kim Yoon Ah's "Going Home" is the mystery song that was played in the scene where Hyun Myung's character was contemplating suicide in the drama's second episode. 

When I first heard the song, I immediately knew I'd be making a post about it. The problem was, however, that I had no idea what song it was. But after some intense googling in Korean (you can imagine how intense it was, considering the fact that I cannot read nor write Korean), I eventually found the song and I was overwhelmingly proud of myself. Of course, after I got the name of the song, I realized that there were no lyrics translations to be found, so it took me another while to actually locate a site where someone had translated them. *sigh* Yeah, it's hard finding non-K-pop songs online. But here we are. Finally.

"Going Home" is a beautiful yet sorrowful song that talks about overcoming sadness and disappointments in life through the support of your loved ones. The lyrics are centered around the theme of returning home, which I imagine most listeners would find relatable as we all tend to associate home with feelings of warmth and love. Although the song overall has a very somber and melancholic feel, it does carry a comforting message of hope that even if the burden is heavy, things will get better in the end. 

Kim Yoon Ah, who is more known as the vocalist for the band Jaurim, sings the song with subtle emotion that comes across especially well in the little nuances of her voice. The slow piano compliments her voice beautifully, but doesn't overtake the song. And like I said, despite the sad melody there is a sense of hopefulness. At the very end of the song, Yoon Ah starts humming, which is I believe is intentionally reminiscent of a mother who's putting her child to bed by humming a comforting melody. It's such a fitting ending to a song that is about finding something to hold on to in times of hardship.

English translation:

On my way home
entrusting my heart to the sunset
I am reminded of what happened to you
and become sad at all the thoughts.

Since we cannot know
what will happen tomorrow
All I can do is embrace you
and tell you everything will be okay.

I become anxious
as I feel like there must be more I can do.
It’s sad to see the long days
and your heavy shoulders.
I really hope tomorrow
something good happens to you.
Because you deserve it.
I sincerely wish that
you’ll be able to shed your burdens and be happy.

To you and me
this world is a cruel and a scary place
so come back to this place any time
you have a home, you have me.
I really hope tomorrow
something good is waiting for us
that a new sun will rise
that the thing we want the most will happen
I pray.

(Translation from Lyrical Movement, credit goes to translator Sangha. 
Click on the link for hangul.)

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