Good Old Fully-Clothed T.O.P. for Harper's BAZAAR, Max Movie Magazine and High Cut

Thursday, September 04, 2014

While the interwebs is going crazy over Big Bang T.O.P.'s topless scene in Tazza: The Hidden Card, I will give you the T.O.P. we all know and love - the fully-clothed T.O.P. 

Although I like the man in any shape and form, I cannot deny that I've grown to love his quirk of wearing long sleeves and layers upon layers at all times, even during summertime. And I love it especially because that doesn't stop him from continuously being voted as one of the sexiest stars in K-pop, and last year not only in K-pop but in the entire world! 

So when you've stopped oogling at pictures of the bed scene in Tazza 2 that are spreading on Twitter, let us once again celebrate the guy, who proved us that sexy does indeed come from within, with these three pictorials for Harper's BAZAAR, Max Movie Magazine and High Cut.  

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  1. I find TOP fascinating because he really is quite self conscious but at the same time, he's well aware of how attractive he is. But like, he doesn't necessarily understand it. I feel like he logically accepts that he's good looking but doesn't actually believe it himself. And i read that interview where he said how awkward and nervous he is whenever he's not fully clothed, so whenever i think about that scene in the movie, I just remember that interview and I feel sorry for him, lol

    1. I read that interview too and I agree with what you said.

      He's definitely feeling a little uncomfortable with people saying how good-looking he is. I think it's because when he sees himself on a cover of a magazine, he knows that it isn't just about him being naturally handsome but it's also a lot of styling and make-up and photoshop. He is very aware of that, it seems. And while, he does pay a lot of attention to how he looks, I get the feeling that he doesn't want to be perceived as just a pretty face.

      After reading his interviews, I think that's why he's been focusing on acting lately because he wants to show himself in a different light. As a shy guy, acting definitely requires him to do stuff that he isn't necessarily comfortable with (like getting naked, as you pointed out) but I like that he tries to challenge himself. It's not easy for him but he probably wants to prove himself as an idol-actor.

      He is indeed quite different from other Korean celebrities as he doesn't want to be in the spotlight too much, but when he is, he just wants to be in the spotlight for doing stuff that he finds meaningful. I'm not sure he enjoys being famous and I sometimes worry that he might end up quitting entertainment business entirely, but I hope that day won't come any time soon.

    2. Yeah, I don't think he likes being famous at all. I know he didn't want to be in Big Bang at first, and he clearly wants to be known for his talent and not looks. I can definitely see him retiring quite early but then, what would he do if he wasn't acting or performing? I don't think he's much involved in producing. Maybe he'll become a director or something.

    3. Well if he continues to act, then I could see him becoming a full-time actor in the future. Many older generation idols ended up becoming quite decent actors, like Yoon Kye Sang or Jung Ryeo Won. But since he doesn't like fame all too much I'd expect him to stay low when he's not acting and join The Hermit Club alongside Won Bin and Kang Dong Won.


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