Drama Check-In: The Fated Number 9

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Welcome back to Drama Check-In. I wasn't planning to post another one so soon, but dramas don't wait and since I watch so many at once, I still have lots to discuss. So let's talk some dramas, shall we?

Also, keep in mind to read the sections for dramas you're at least as caught up with as I am, so you won't be exposed to any spoilers


Plus Nine Boys (Episodes 1-4)

I was pretty excited for Plus Nine Boys, actually. The promotional material was witty and humorous and I like the idea of a drama that's told from the male perspective. So far, I am quite liking the show. I was maybe expecting it to be a little wackier and funnier, but I'm fine with the contemplative mood it has instead. 

Each of our four male leads have their own problems and romantic obstacles to overcome and while I am rooting for all of them, we can see already that the two older ones have bigger story arcs than the younger ones. And there is the rule, which was revealed at the end of episode 2 that only one of them gets the girl (excluding the 9-year-old). I personally think there might be a catch to this rule. I don't what kind of catch, but it could totally be a possibility because I don't think the other two guys, who don't get the girl, are left to suffer in heartbreak. But of course, at this point I can't really say anything for sure. 

I guess I'm rooting for 39's love life the most at the moment. Don't get me wrong, 29's (Jin Goo played by Kim Young Kwang) quiet longing for his crush Se Young is really sweet and sad, but I'm pretty worried how this is going to affect his friendship with Jae Bum. I'd even be fine with a scenario where Se Young finds herself a totally different guy and 29 and Jae Bum just admit their defeat and chose their friendship over love. However, I don't think that's gonna happen because there are subtle moments that hint at the possibility that Se Kyung might have some feelings for 29. I just hope bromance also survives.

Meanwhile, 39 (Kwang Soo played by Oh Jung Se) is the oldest and probably needs a woman in his life the most. But I don't think his relationship with ex-girlfriend Da In is going to be very smooth. Especially since he got dumped by her in rather cruel way and there are certainly a lot of unresolved feelings and hurt between them. Not to mention, she has a child now. Though, according to my experience with K-dramas, the couple that has the most tragic history between them is usually the one that ends up together. So at least 39 has that going for him.

19 and 9's story arcs are unsurprisingly less meaningful, but I think they can still be a lot of fun. 9 (Dong Goo played by Choi Ro Woon) is the only one of the four who already has a girlfriend (how ironic), but the little diva doesn't quite know how to treat her right so I foresee some heartbreak and jealousy even for him. And I just love that the romantic triangle between him, his girlfriend and that other child-actor is so hilariously dramatic.   
Then there's 19 (Min Goo played by BTOB's Sung Jae), who talks a lot about her mystery girl Soo Ah being his destiny, which makes me think exactly the opposite. Besides he's still young and should get over his first love eventually...wait, who am I kidding? First loves are sacred in dramaland! Nevertheless, I'd prefer if 19 wasn't the one who gets the girl among our older nine boys. 

UNLESS, there truly is a catch to the rule and all boys end up being happily in love. That would definitely be the ideal outcome, but we'll see.

Fated to Love You (Episodes 1-9)

So I've been slowly trying to get back into Fated to Love You. As you can see, I am really behind and I haven't been watching this for quite a while. There are a couple of reasons for that. 

Firstly, Choi Jin Hyuk is the second lead. I love him and it's hard not to want to root for him, which in turn distracts me from the real OTP. 

Secondly, I feel like all the hype around FTLY is stopping me from enjoying it on my own. Like I have to spazz over the same things as everyone else, and if I don't, I feel as if I'm doing it wrong or something. 

And thirdly, I've been so preoccupied with other dramas that I just didn't feel like watching it. Sue me.

What's been making it a little hard to get invested in the drama is the fact that's it's progressing rather slowly for me. I am very aware of the tragedy that takes place couple of episodes ahead (I remember that much from the original Taiwanese FTLY) and I already want to get over with it, but I'm obviously not there yet. Die hard fans of this show would probably kill me for saying this but the cute fluff is boring me a little bit. Now that the OTP has finally kissed, I am going to bet on it that the next episodes are all about them being cute together, which is great for them but not that great for story progression.

On the other hand, though, I do like our main couple. The Jangs are having wonderful chemistry together and I like their characters equally. Gun is certainly a lot more considerate of his pregnant wife than the main guy in Taiwanese FTLY and also a lot more interesting to watch on screen. This is by far Jang Hyuk's best performance that I've seen. That is not to say that I necessarily want him to be so over-the-top and crazy all the time, but it is indeed very fascinating to watch. 

Now this might be somewhat spoilerish for those of you who are as behind as I am (though because I've seen the original I know this already) but I'm really looking forward to Mi Young's transformation after the time skip. While I've liked Mi Young from episode one, I am getting a little fed up with her meekness and I just want her to finally stand up for herself. While Gun has been gradually improving himself throughout the first half of the drama, Mi Young's personal growth is long overdue.  

Overall, I do think the Korean remake turned out well. I remember having a lot of issues with the original, but only a few with the Korean version. And I've only heard positive feedback from others so that's the main reason I want to complete the drama, even if I'm not quite as crazy about it as everyone else.


It's Okay, It's Love (Episode 1-13)

After a couple of slow weeks, It's Okay, It's Love finally got the point where Jae Yeol's mental condition is being addressed. Finally. 

To be honest, the OTP scenes started getting on my nerves these past four episodes, or rather, Hae Soo started really annoying me. I don't hate her, but she definitely is not fun to be in a relationship with and I don't quite understand why Jae Yeol even puts up with her crap. 

I guess in a way, I'm kinda similar to Hae Soo because I'm not a very affectionate person either and don't really appreciate people touching me when I don't want to. So when a guy who I've been dating for only a few weeks says he loves me and wants to get married to me, I'd perhaps be even more freaked out than Hae Soo. But I just cannot stand how Hae Soo treats Jae Yeol like a puppet. Not to mention the fact that she keeps picking fights with him about stupid little things and Jae Yeol always has to give in to her because she can't help it that "her phobia" makes her act like that. 

In any case, I'm glad that Hae Soo now knows the true extent of Jae Yeol's childhood trauma and realizes how selfishly she's been acting. I know that she can be really supportive and kind if she wants to, so I'm actually looking forward to OTP scenes now. 

Hi! School - Love On (Episodes 1-6) 

I actually haven't progressed with Hi! School - Love On since last Drama Check-In. I initially didn't have time for episode 7 and so I decided to wait for episode 8 and watch them together, which means we'll talk about this show next time.

My Secret Hotel (Episode 1-6)

My OTP feels were pretty intense in the latest episodes of My Secret Hotel

We didn't focus too much on the murder mystery this week, so things did not get much clearer on that front. Instead, we got a lot of other drama as Sung Gyum and Sang Mi began dating and poor heartbroken Hae Young got drunk because of his impending marriage. 

At least, we finally found out why Hae Young's marrying Soo Ah and apparently it's because his father refused to get some important surgery unless he gets married. I figured the reason would be something stupid like this but whatever. We also learned that Soo Ah has her own sad little love story with her driver. I'm actually hoping that she's the one breaking off the wedding now. Or if that's not the case, I hope another dead body falls from the ceiling (hey, don't judge me!).

But most of all, I really hope Sang Mi and Hae Young get to have their much needed talk. I was slightly disappointed with Sang Mi for not giving Hae Young a chance to say how he was feeling. And the scene in ep. 6 where she got into Sung Gyum's car in front of Hae Young was a low blow. 

So yeah, let's hope for better times for the OTP in next week's episodes.

Surplus Princess (Episodes 1-5)

While this drama has stayed as wacky and funny as in the previous weeks, I'm slowly starting to see its flaws. 

First of all, SP has been making very little progress when it comes to the romantic aspect. Aside from Ha Ni still obsessing over Shi Kyung, there is no sign of any deeper feelings growing between our love triangle (or quadrangle, if you count Jin Ah, which I don't). Hyun Myung's still being emo over his break-up with Jin Ah and Shi Kyung still doesn't see Ha Ni anything more as an amusing whackjob. Why aren't we moving forward already?

Also, I don't quite understand why has the show suddenly gone from "mermaid looking for true love" to "mermaid looking for a job"? The whole shared-house bunch is trying to get into JH Foods but it's not going well. I expected to see both Ha Ni and Hyun Myung working there by now and romantic hijinks to begin. But thus far, the characters have only been successful in forming a study group and failing in everything else. 

And lastly, I'm slightly annoyed with the lack of character development of our main characters. So far, Ha Ni seems rather shallow, Hyun Myung's being a downer and Shi Kyung is too mysterious. When will we get some character depth?


  • Thinking about possibly, maybe, perhaps dropping Joseon Gunman entirely from my watch-list. Any objections from anyone? In fact, I would LOVE to hear you guys give me advice about this one. Is it worth my time and effort or not?

  • Didn't continue Discovery of Romance after all. Wasn't really feeling it after watching episode 1. I love Eric and Sung Joon, but Jung Yumi plays the same character she did in I Need Romance 2 and I kinda hated her a little in that.

  • Man From Another Star and Nine: 9 Times Time Travel are still on hold. I thought I had time for Nine at least, but turns out I don't. Hoping to marathon them later.

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  1. Did you end up dropping Joseon Gunman? It won't make a difference to your life if you do.

    "Secondly, I feel like all the hype around FTLY is stopping me from enjoying it on my own. Like I have to spazz over the same things as everyone else, and if I don't, I feel as if I'm doing it wrong or something." I totally get this. If i hear the internet spazzing about something, I automatically assume there's something I'm missing, lol. Or, i get wrapped up in the spazz and end up liking the show more than I did originally because everyone's comments have somehow brainwashed me. That happens a lot, actually. I'm way too influenced by other people.

    Secret Hotel - As if the father would actually not have the surgery just because his son won't get married. I mean, honestly! At least we did finally get that reason, because we figured it had to be something like that but they hadn't actually told us. With Sang Mi not listening to Hae Young, technically she's doing the right thing. He's an engaged man, he shouldn't be constantly trying to speak to his ex-wife. We know that he's really struggling with it and that he has no interest in Soo Ah at all, but as far as Sang Mi is concerned, he's the guy that is marrying a girl in her hotel. Plus, she wants to keep her job, lol. I do want them to sort out their issues soon though. Obviously Hae Young isn't going to marry Soo Ah but i don't know what is going to stop their wedding. It'd be hilarious if the Driver did something to stop it; he's a cutie, and for some unknown reason, he likes Soo Ah. I feel bad for him, lol

    1. I still haven't decided what I'm gonna do about Joseon Gunman. Right now I don't have time for it anyways, but I still don't know if I should completely drop it...

      Yeah, I guess Sang Mi is doing the right thing. And I don't even blame her for it, because if I was her I wouldn't talk to Hae Young either because he's still engaged. But I was just so frustrated that they once again missed their chance to talk things through. I just feel so bad for Hae Young because he has to marry Soo Ah (let's just pretend for a moment that dad's surgery is a good reason for someone to marry the person they don't love) but he really just wants Sang Mi back. The fact that Sang Mi is now dating Sung Gyum or whatever also means that Hae Young sees no reason to delay his wedding anymore. Which begs the question: WHO is going to stop this stupid wedding now? I do wish it was either Soo Ah or the driver guy, then at least Hae Young's dad wouldn't have a reason to put the blame on his son later on.

    2. Ha ha, i just realised we were calling her Sang Mi instead of Sang Hyo. Sang Mi is nicer than Sang Hyo so we should just stick with that, lol. The whole name Nam Sang Hyo doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

      Hey, with Joseon Gunman, read the recaps if you're not sure about dropping it. That saves time, and you still get the story and everything. That's what I do for every drama I drop (the few that i have actually dropped, anyway).

    3. Whoops XD The name Sang Mi really is kinda nicer or cuter than Sang Hyo.

      I dunno, I usually don't read recaps for dramas that I don't watch cause then I don't know if I should count it as something I completed or something I dropped, ha. The thing is, I just don't feel interested in the story anymore, but I wanted to watch it for Lee Jun Ki. And there were a few side-characters I liked (the bad guy and his daughter were kinda cool). But I didn't like the heroine too much and so the main romance fell flat for me as well. I probably do end up dropping it and maybe yeah, I'll just read the recaps.


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