Video of the Day: BTS Dark & Wild Live Showcase

Sunday, August 31, 2014

As some of you might know, I've become a pretty big fan of BTS over the course of just a few months. 

Ever since I first heard "Just One Day" and "Boy in Luv" back in April, I've been consistently listening to them. The boys also just came out with their first studio album "Dark & Wild". I've listened to the full album and I think it's pretty darn awesome, particularly when you remember that they're still rookies. 

Anyways, BTS presented their new album on this awesome showcase event I've posted above. 

While watching the video, I actually realized that this is the K-pop I enjoy the most. There's so much energy and power in both the group's dancing and in their singing. The members seem really comfortable on stage. Though yes, it's their own showcase event and those are their own fans there, but it's still quite amazing. I love how aggressive, yet playful they are while performing. In fact, I could name many popular K-pop groups who have been around several years, but who never have the same kind of stage presence as these boys. Consider me impressed.

Of course, BTS still has a long way to go. The group's vocalists certainly need more vocal training and must keep practicing to be able to sing with such complicated choreography as theirs. And although I love how involved the members are in the production of their songs, I hope that with time and experience, they are able to really stand out even more on their own and also write more meaningful song lyrics. 

Nevertheless, BTS definitely seems to be on the right track so far.

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