Park Si Yeon Cast in The Greatest Marriage Alongside Bae Soo Bin and No Min Woo

Monday, July 07, 2014

Actress Park Si Yeon, who was caught in a propofol scandal last year, is apparently already returning to television. 

In last year's October, she received suspended sentence of eight-month prison term, which she could avoid by being on a two-year-probation and not committing any other offence during that time. Having been pregnant at the time of the controversy, Park took time off after that and spent it with her newborn baby girl and close family. 

The upcoming drama she will be making a comeback with is The Greatest Marriage, which is about a successful anchorwoman whose life takes an unexpected turn when she gets pregnant. She decides to become a single-mother, rejecting marriage as a possible option (kinda contradicting the drama's title there, tho). 

It does sound like a role that I could see Park being comfortable in, considering that she's often (type)cast in the roles of confident career women. Not to mention, as a new mother herself, the theme of motherhood must strike a special chord with her. 

However, many are wondering whether it's too early for Park to get back to acting because she's supposed to go through the so-called "reflection period". I personally am just glad that she has scored a project, considering how seriously a scandal can affect an entertainers career in Korea (For instance, remember how quickly Eun Jung was dropped from Five Fingers and removed from advertisements after T-ara's bullying controversy?). I've been fan of Park Si Yeon since Coffee House and I want her to see her do well. As long as she overcomes her problems (assuming that she did have a problem with propofol abuse) and hasn't harmed anyone else because of that, I am perfectly fine with her returning to acting. 

In The Greatest Marriage, Park Si Yeon is joined by Bae Soo Bin and No Min Woo, though there's not much info on their respective characters other than that Bae Soo Bin will also be playing an anchorman. I can't say I'm feeling particularly excited about either actor, to be honest. Bae Soo Bin has proved himself to be a pretty good actor (he's particularly impressive in villain roles), but I just don't...okay, this is going to sound really superficial, but I just don't fancy him that much appearance-wise. But hey, I've changed my opinions about actors before, so I'm hoping that he'll turn out to be an awesome character in the drama, so I wouldn't have to dislike him.

No Min Woo, on the other hand, I've never really warmed up to. He's the kind of guy that makes me feel uncomfortable and oddly self-conscious about myself because I feel like he's so much prettier than me. And I don't mean like handsome, I mean pretty as in femininely pretty. Besides I haven't found him very captivating in the roles I've seen him in so far.

Overall, I'm excited for Park Si Yeon returning to television, but not that excited about the male cast. I'll probably check the show out anyways, but I guess we'll see whether it's a project could get fully invested in.

The Greatest Love will be airing sometime in September on the cable channel TV Chosun.

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