Newly Discharged Lee Je Hoon is Already Cast in a Movie

Friday, July 25, 2014

Let us rejoice! Actor Lee Je Hoon has finally completed his military service!

After enlisting in October 25, 2012 as a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency riot police, it is announced that he returned to civilian life on 24th of July. 

A crowd of fans and reporters were waiting for the actor by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency building in Jongno District where he had served. However, Je Hoon did not want to make his discharge day into a big event and cause inconvenience to the police officers he had served with, and left the scene quietly. 

He later posted a small apology on Facebook, thanking the fans who had been there to greet him earlier in the day:

"Thanks to the fans who waited for me during the time I served my military duty, I was able to complete my service without any trouble", he wrote. "I'm delighted that I will get to meet you soon through my work, but also very nervous because I don't want to disappoint you". (Hancinema)

It actually feels like his service time flew by quite quickly, which I am so happy about. It's weird because we always make a big fuss about our favourite male stars leaving for military but actually, before we know it, they are back. 

But even better news is that the actor has already confirmed a movie project. Indeed, Lee Je Hoon is cast as the leading character in Detective Hong Gil Dong, which is said to be in a new genre of detective movies in Korea. The upcoming flick tells the story of a private detective named Hong Gil Dong (Robin Hood-like character in Korean folklore), who has spectacular memory and an unique personality, as he is working to solve a major case. 

The movie is directed by Jo Sung Hee, whose previous works include one of my personal favourites, the fantasy romance A Werewolf Boy. Although detective movies are not really the genre I'm most interested in, I am feeling rather excited for it thanks to this actor-director combo. 

The filming for Detective Hong Gil-dong will start in November.

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