Video of the Day: SPICA - You Don't Love Me and Tonight Live on Radio

Friday, June 06, 2014

I am proud to say that SPICA has become one of my favourite girl groups in K-pop right now. I'm even a little mad at myself that I didn't discover them earlier because it's hard to find female K-pop idols that are vocally this talented. In fact, they sing so well that it's hard to find a live performance of SPICA that I don't like. 

I first heard about SPICA having great vocals back when they debuted, but unfortunately their earlier songs simply didn't grab me. And actually the fact that SPICA's songs didn't really grab anyone was one of their biggest obstacles as a group, which is why they sought help from Lee Hyo Ri in OnStyle's TV-show Lee Hyori X Unnie. As it turns out, that became a turning point for them because after SPICA released "Tonight" last summer, the girls have gotten a lot more acknowledgement from the public. In this year's January, they came back with "You Don't Love Me" which is definitely one of the best K-pop songs of the year.

I've watched countless of "You Don't Love Me" live performances on Youtube and most of them are really really good. But today I'm gonna share two live radio performances with you guys. The first is on Arirang Radio, where the girls also sing "Tonight", and the second one is on a MBC radio show. I can't decide which one I like more as the mics have a better range on Arirang, but Bo Hyung's voice on MBC's radio show is simply AMAZING.

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