Seo In Guk Leads a Double Life in the Teaser and Posters of High School King of Savvy

Sunday, June 01, 2014

TvN has released two brand new posters and a teaser trailer for the soon-airing Summer season drama High School King of Savy.

Seo In Guk plays a double role in High School King as the story revolves around Lee Min Suk, an 18-year-old high school student who ends up posing as his older brother, a department director of a large company. Min Suk is a hockey star and a popular kid at his high school, while his hyung is a talented businessman in his twenties. It's a little puzzling as to why would the younger brother go around pretending to be his hyung suddenly, or how is it that no-one catches on to him, but I guess that's going to be the comic aspect of the drama. 

The posters are pretty cool. The first one shows Min Suk stuck in the middle of the two female leads Jung Soo Young (Lee Hana), a temporary worker at the company, and Jung Yoo Ah (Lee Yeol Eum), Soo Young's younger sister with a schoolgirl crush on Min Suk. What's clever about this poster is how Soo Young's putting a finger on Min Suk's mouth, trying to keep him from exposing his identity, while Yoo Ah's attempting to do the opposite by revealing the student ID tag underneath his jacket. The second poster shows the two versions of Seo In Guk: one side is the real Min Suk with a cheeky smile on his face, the other is Min Suk dressed up as a formal businessman.

The teaser trailer is only 36 seconds long and doesn't give us actual scenes from the drama, but it's very cleverly executed as well. It shows Min Suk struggling with his difficult double life, going from confidently juggling between school and company to losing control and eventually showing up to hockey practice in a suit and to office in his hockey uniform. The teaser also gives us a tiny glimpse of our second male lead Yoo Jin Woo, played by Lee Soo Hyuk.

I am pretty excited for this drama and all the promotional stuff that I've seen seems very well-done. Seo In Guk looks perfect for the role and I have no doubt that it'll be fun to see him in this double role. 

My only worry is the female lead character because she seems like the incompetent secretary type. I haven't seen Lee Hana in anything so far but what I saw in the teaser gave me serious Choi Kang Hee vibes. Not that I have anything particular against Choi Kang Hee but...ah, who am I kidding, I can't really stand her acting cause she's always all over the place. So the fact that Lee Hana reminds me of her, sets off alarm bells in my head. If I am wrong about her, then praise the drama gods and forget what I said, but if I'm right...well, that would suck.

High School King of Savvy will air on June 16, taking over the Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 time slot that's currently occupied by Witch's Romance.

Via drama's offical website, Soompi

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