Random Thoughts on Witch's Romance: Episodes 1-7

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

If anyone of you is following me on Twitter, you probably know that the newest drama on my plate is tvN's romcom Witch's Romance, which I started watching last Wednesday.  

The drama is apparently a remake of Taiwanese series My Queen, starring Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang. I have not seen the original, though I have heard of it and even planned to watch it at one point. Why I never did, I don't even know. But I am enjoying the Korean version quite well enough, so perhaps I'm willing to give a chance to the original as well. 

With 7 episodes watched, I've basically just reached the beginning of the angsty part of the drama, so expect more of my Twitter rants in the days to come and, if I'm feeling particularly vocal, maybe even a follow-up to this post. But until then, I'd like to share some random thoughts on the drama.

Noonas romancing puppies

I've realized that Witch's Romance is exactly the kind of noona romance that I love. I generally like the noona romance genre quite a lot, but there have been several times when I just haven't been able to get into them. 

Perhaps one of the most recent examples was I Hear Your Voice where I found Soo Ha's puppy love for Hye Sung cute, but I didn't really want Hye Sung to reciprocate his feelings cause I was getting a rather motherly vibe from her. The same with Big, where the teacher-student barrier was making things doubly icky for me. To me, unless it's a more serious drama that deals with the relationship in a very informed manner like Secret Love Affair for instance, I feel uncomfortable with noona romances where the male lead is still an inexperienced high school kid who needs a mother more, than a girlfriend. 

But that's exactly why I enjoy Witch's Romance so much. Our male lead, while 14 years younger than our female lead, isn't a child. He's in his mid-twenties and has had a real relationship before meeting our heroine. Meanwhile, our heroine wouldn't be committing a horrible taboo act by dating him because she's not his teacher or babysitter or whatever. Both are adults who are free to date each other, if they'd like. The age gap is relatively big, but considering how well these two get along I think it's only a minor obstacle for them. And let's be honest, the chemistry is off the charts.

More bitchy-witchy heroines, please!

Don't know if you guys know but I tend to have a certain fondness for slightly bitchy female leads, which is why Ji Yeon is totally my kind of heroine. It's not that I like the bitchiness, but I like that despite the occasional mean-spirited attitude she still has her own insecurities and vulnerabilities. Ji Yeon may have a difficult hard-to-please personality, but despite all that she does have a softer side to her. And I quite like this kind of reversal because usually it's the male lead who starts out as a jerk who grows into a decent human being over the course of the drama. In this series, it's the other way around.

RANT: Polar Bear can go back to the North Pole and stay there

Ugh, I really hate Polar Bear.

When I started watching the drama, I definitely did not expect to hate our second lead this much. He seemed rather nice in the flashback scenes and I would have maybe even forgiven him for his disappearance, if he'd been considerate of Ji Yeon's feelings when he came back. But no, Polar Bear comes back expecting Ji Yeon to drop everything for him and start over again, even though he vanished with no explanation whatsoever 6 years before. The douche even dares to ask her "Have you been well?" which is like one of the worst things you could ask the woman you left at the altar. 

I guess you could argue that I we haven't heard his side of the story yet. We got some hints about Shi Hoon maybe having an illness or something (judging from the morphine prescription Dong Ha found in his studio), but honestly, I don't see how it could have stopped him from contacting Ji Yeon during all those years. A simple phone call, an e-mail, or even a frickin' letter in a bottle would have made things so much easier for Ji Yeon. It's impossible that he didn't have a way to contact her in this day and age, and if he purposely decided not to then he's a fucking jerk.

What bothers me even more, at this point, is how Shi Hoon doesn't take Dong Ha seriously. The douche seems so irritatingly confident that he can win Ji Yeon back that he doesn't even see Dong Ha as his competitor. It makes me so angry because you'd have to be blind not to see the closeness between Ji Yeon and Dong Ha, and not take it as a clear sign that there's something deeper going on. 

In fact, Polar Bear should be very worried.

Park Seo Joon is a dream

Yup, I think I've found my new crush.

But you know what's funny about Park Seo Joon? He's not really one of those celebrities that you see on a picture and instantly develop a huge crush on. 

That is not to say that Park Seo Joon's unattractive. Of course not, far from it. But what I mean is that he doesn't have that conventional filmstar looks like...I dunno Song Seung Heon, for instance. He's rather like one of those really good-looking boys-next-door - yunno, approachable. It isn't until you see him act on screen that you see how charming and dreamy he actually is, especially when he plays a particularly sweet guy like Dong Ha

Speaking of Dong Ha, doesn't he just make your knees go weak? He's so earnest and kind and always so considerate of others. Who said that nice guys finish last? If I could have Dong Ha for myself, I wouldn't trade him for any bad boy in the world.

Cable channel kisses

I definitely did not expect to see a real kiss already at the end of episode 1, but boy was I happy that I did. And that steamy scene at the end of episode 2? Bow chicka wow wow. 

All I can say is, praise the drama gods for cable channel kisses!

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  1. Ah I love your post! We both pretty much share the same sentiments. Although I think polar bear does redeem himself (a bit) in the end but you'll see. I agree about Seo Joon he isn't someone who really grabs you at first glance. None of my friends are interested in him which is honestly too bad despite my constant love rants about him. One friend even went on to say "No offence he's not that cute" just from googling photos of him. Sigh... oh we'll they're just missing out. I'm in the middle of writing my new post on the last episodes too haha. I'm going to write a PSJ post as well, cuz well he deserves it!

    1. Polar Bear really needs to redeem himself somehow cause I'm super annoyed with him right now. I don't even want to dislike him, but the way he has acted so far has put me right into that spot.

      Yeah, I think many people might dismiss PSJ at first glance, without even knowing how lovely he is on screen. I mean even I wasn't that crazy about him when I first heard he was going to be in Witch's Romance. I just didn't think much of him. But as soon as I watched him in the drama, I totally changed my opinion of him. And now...well, now he's on my blog's banner right there :D

      Anyways, looking forward to your post on PSJ :)

  2. love this drama.. love PSJ .. great chemistry between PSJ & UJH. Really hope he could gain more recognition. He's definitely one of those up and coming ones who can act!! Fighting!!!!

    1. Yeah, I really like PSJ. I hope that he get more recognition thanks to Witch's Romance as well, cause I'd really like to see him more in dramas. I'm rooting for him!

  3. What was your final verdict on this? Actually, I tried to watch My Queen last year and I made it all of 15 minutes before turning it off in disgust (then again... I do that with a lot of Twdramas... lol)

    1. My final verdict isn't in yet, I still have a bit of watching to do. Hopefully, I'll complete the drama soon.

      I haven't seen My Queen at all, so I can't vouch for that one. But I've really enjoyed WR, even though it has gotten a bit slower in the second half. I would probably even recommend this drama purely for Park Seo Joon (and the chemistry he has with Uhm Jung Hwa). He is so awesome in this. But I'll let you know what my overall impressions are once I complete the drama.


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