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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I feel like we're on Oprah ("You get a reunion! You get a reunion! And you get a reunion! Everybody gets a reunion!!!").

No kidding tho, the newest trend in dramaland is none other than reunions of past onscreen pairings, and it's definitely getting me interested in dramas that I otherwise might not even care about. I don't know what's in the water these days, but there have been so far 4 confirmed reunions and 1 possible one. It's pretty crazy, but I ain't complaining.

Among the confirmed pairings we have, for instance, Jang Hyuk romancing Jang Nara once again in the Korean remake of Taiwanese hit drama Fated to Love You, 12 years after the classic K-drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl. 

Then of course there's Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook currently doing the weekend melodrama Hotel King, nearly 9 years after their Hong sisters romcom My Girl

Also confirmed are Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi who will be working together in fusion sageuk Joseon Gunman, 7 years after action drama Time Between Dog and Wolf

And the newest reunion couple is Shinhwa's Eric and Jung Yu Mi who are set to star in the upcoming romcom Discovery of Romance, also 7 years after the dark and intense relationship drama Que Sera Sera

In addition, there are rumours of Jung Ryeo Won and Daniel Henney starring opposite each other in an upcoming romance movie Mr. Beautiful. And that would make 9 years from their second lead roles in My Name is Kim Sam Soon

I'm kinda hoping that the reunion trend continues, because there are quite a few old-school pairings that I would love to see working together again. 

Like, if I had any say in this, I'd totally cast Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin in a grown-up romcom. They were pretty cute in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, but couldn't really get very frisky with each other because of the teacher-student barrier. And while I'm still dreaming of a Soeulmates (Boys Over Flowers) spin-off for Kim So Eun and Kim Bum, I would settle for them to be cast as the main leads for whatever kind of romance drama or movie. Both have improved lots from BOF days, so they could be amazing in something more mature. 

OR would you guys imagine how crazy would fans go if Yoon Eun Hye were to pair up with Joo Ji Hoon again. Tho, considering their chemistry in Goong I wouldn't mind it myself actually. AND if Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin would do a new drama together after the super popular Kim Sam Soon, I think the world would actually explode.

But okay, let's not get too carried away. For now, I'm just eagerly waiting to see how the reunions that have been confirmed so far will turn out.  

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  1. I totally agree - the world will literally blow up into pieces if Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin is paired up for another drama! Well said, haha. However there are also negative sides to reunions, an example is Hotel King. In my opinion anyway. I have to say I am quite biased toward the drama because of Lee Da Hae's new face. I know I shouldn't judge according to appearances nor let the majority of the audience's opinions affect me but I just cant help it sometimes. I reckon some dramas are better off left alone, by themselves; no sequels or reunions of characters. Just like the films Studio Ghibli produces. People are going to kill me for this but I am quite glad Hayao Miyazaki did not make a sequel of spirited away.
    Ps. I love reading your reviews! Keep em rollin' :DDD

    1. True, Hotel King did not turn out the way I hoped it would. Well okay, I kinda knew that it wouldn't because it's a melo. And yes, Lee Da Hae's face occasionally creeps me out as well, though I'm usually not that bothered by plastic surgery. It's just that I used to love her a lot, but these days it's a little hard to concentrate on her acting when I can't stop thinking about how much I loved her "old" face better. It's not very nice of me, I know, but sometimes I just forget myself.

      And I agree with you on sequels and reunions of characters. Generally, it just doesn't work out and can kinda ruin your opinion on the original. But I don't mind actors working together again on different projects, especially if they had good chemistry in their previous drama/movie.


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